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Editorial: Congratulations Afghanistan Times

Afghanistan Times, the leading English Newspaper in the country is committed to serve the Afghan nation while following the principles of professionalism and journalistic ethics. Today Afghanistan Times become 12 years old—so thank you subscribers and other fans of the Times which made this possible to be in your homes and offices for longtime. Afghanistan Times belongs to everyone in the country. It is a national institution and not the voice of a government or any private organization. It is important to mention here that Afghanistan Times since July 2009 has not received financial assistance from any source. During its life journey, not only Afghanistan Times reached self-sufficiency, but it also purchased a printing press from the income generated by the newspaper. Times emerged as a national institution in the past 12 years as we wished. However, during this period, it has seen many ups and downs, but the staffers remained committed to serve the nation and take tall the paper. Today, Afghanistan Times is celebrating its 12th anniversary as a print media outlet—a symbol of freedom of expression and institutionalization of the foundation of democracy, while Afghanistan remained the most dangerous place for journalists after Syria. At least 13 journalists were killed in Afghanistan in 2016—the deadliest year on record for journalists in the country and making it the second-most dangerous one for reporters in the world after Syria. A report by the Afghan Journalists’ Safety Committee (AJSC) termed Taliban insurgents behind at least 10 of the deaths. The report noted that a shift in the Taliban’s policy towards the media was the main driver of the increase in the level of threats and deadly violence against journalists. However, despite that, Afghanistan Times, and other media outlets did not shilly-shally, instead have been making level best efforts to reflect realities. If the Taliban and other militant outfits are killing civilians via suicide attacks, roadside bombing, and other inhuman act of violence, it’s the holy duty of media family to cover it—even to call on militants to shun violence as it kills civilians. The unarmed Afghan masses have been the most victims of suicide attacks, and other subversive activities claimed by the insurgent groups. The aim to establish Afghanistan Times was to deliver sound information, reflect the realities of society and present accurate picture of events across the country. Despite threat, so none, including the Taliban and other militants can stop Afghanistan Times, and other media from reflecting the truths. Media family is committed to serve the nation honestly. We are very happy that Afghanistan Times has been shining in the sky of printing media in the country. The paper prints in 12 pages, four pages in color. Times puts indefatigable efforts to defend our national interest and to avoid any negative trends in printing.

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