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Editorial: Controversy over Doha conference

Doha based Political office of Taliban have made serious reservations over Afghanistan government’s list of proposed delegates to the first ever intra-Afghan dialogues to be commenced from April 19, terming it a joke. “There is no any wedding ceremony at Doha, Qatar to which the Afghan government has proposed a list of 250 persons.” So far no any formal reaction was made public by the Presidential Palace. Earlier the Presidential spokesperson has justified the list by saying that it comprises representatives and nominees from all groups and factions. Former President Hamid Karzai, Prof. Rasool Sayaf, Engineer Hekmatyar and several other leading figures names are missing from the list. Former President Hamid Karzai has already said that he would not attend the Doha conference but he had time and again reaffirmed his whole hearted support in favour of the move, terming it a positive step towards ending of violence and hostilities in Afghanistan. Besides missing Ata Muhammad Noor a leading figure from Northern regions has also rejected the proposed list, which according to him is comprises almost people close to Presidential Palace or occupant of important government, political and parliamentary positions. On the other hand, Taliban leaders have made revisions in their early list of over 50 persons. Now Taliban leaders informed that their 25-member delegations will participate in the three-days first ever formal intra Afghan Conference. Not only US Special Envoy Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad and ex-President Hamid Karzai but overwhelming majority from the war-stricken Afghanistan are attaching great hopes with the scheduled Conference. Now maximum responsibility rests with no other than President Dr. Ashraf Ghani and other leading politicians to be careful, alert and responsible at this crucial stage. The US has already made it clear that it has made mind for the settlement of the issue and got similar words and assurances in response from Taliban. But now modalities are being made through dialogues and table talks. Most recently the Taliban leadership have announced Summer offensive- Al Fateh which is denounced by almost members of international community except Pakistan and Qatar. Now the Afghan government in particular and delegates to Doha conference needs to utilize almost of their energies to convince Taliban leadership for withdrawal of this declaration. Besides withdrawal of Summer offensive declaration, permanent “ceasefire” could be helpful in cementing of consensus amongst the Afghans for pulling the motherland out of over four decades prolonged wars, hostilities and deadly terror. Instead of pleasing its sympathizers and ensuring their support in favour of coming Presidential polls, President Ghani and his aides needs to make limited the delegates participation. But those to be assigned the task must be capable of voicing miseries and expectations of war stricken Afghans before the Taliban leaders and commanders. Many of government made list are no doubt to say are more competent, patriotic, vocal and well aware of their responsibilities, therefore, they should be given maximum time and authorities to make the event as a results oriented. 

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