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Editorial: Countering normalization of anti-peace rhetoric

In the last several weeks, fighting has been continuing in 24 out of 34 provinces, leaving scores of people dead and wounded. Taliban have increased its attack and bombing. The message of the surge is clear and coldblooded. The Taliban ground fighters showed no intention of reducing violence even as their leaders continue to nominally participate in peace talks with Afghan peace team in Doha. They utterly appeared to prove they can wreak havoc everywhere around the country. The general perception was that the peace process could eventually open a new way of peaceful living to the war-hit Afghans, with ceasing war in the first place. Nonetheless, nothing such happened, shoddily, Taliban spokesman in response to the criticism over war intensification by the group fighters, reiterated that they have the right to kill anyone connected with the Afghan government or its foreign backers as long as they do not repent and accept an Islamic system. Such rhetoric won’t do well to anyone. It’s better to stop this. This is the most proper time to end this warfare. This is the repeat of the same playbook of past mistakes that will lead nowhere, but to the continuance of war. Both sides need to show a sense of urgency about ending this war. We must listen to each other and stop to waste time and kill the people. It’s a shame to insist on war, while an unprecedented opportunity for peace is here. Afghan masses are in shock as no stop is perceived to the unending violence. The fragile situation could get worse if peace talks are likely to fail. Some of recent violence has provoked confusion and controversy. A Taliban ambush in Takhar killed at least 40 Afghan forces, and the Afghan forces killed 12 children in a mistaken airstrike to target the Taliban rebels in revenge. Violent aggression will help no one to win power, and would be a historical mistake. The Taliban are taking dangerous risk in pushing things to the peak of bewilderment, and that instead of leading them to victory in the battle or at the peace table, it could lead to unbreakable chaos. Taliban potentially appearing stronger to overtake complete power, but it’s not possible due to many domestic and foreign interests opposing them. Wise steps would be that the Afghan government and Taliban to show mercy on the nation, do all what they can to iron out differences and plant the seeds of peace, and unity in the motherland.

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