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Editorial: Covid-19’s 3rd wave brewing

While the world is trying to prevail in the tough challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic with the implantation of vaccines made by several top companies, Afghanistan is facing the possible third wave of the virus. Although the pandemic put the whole world in a chaos, its primer effects have been mainly on the third world countries. Outbreak of the third wave has been proclaimed amid several other challenges going on in the country. Considering the Afghan government’s management of the first wave of the virus, the administrative corruption in the COVID-19 budget assisted by the international community, the feeble health system to hospitalize the patients, the inaccurate management of the lockdown, the Afghans are worried of possible crisis in the country for the second time. Last year, the government enforced a couple months’ lockdowns that drove to severe cuts in business deals, employment and development projects. The schools, universities, wedding halls, entertainment places, fashion and malls were shut down. But amid all these restrictions, it didn’t have a proper plan to support the people economically as many of them lost their jobs and small businesses were halted, mainly those who were working as vendors or laborers. These all challenges came amid an economic crisis with more than 70 percent of the population is living under the poverty line. Some programs have been launched to overcome the crisis posed because of the pandemic, but reports revealed a mass discrepancy and corruption done by the officials, who were in charges of the government’s scheme to win through the ongoing crisis. The existence of corruption and lack of a strong economy forced the government to ease lockdowns step by step across the country. The confirmed number of the deaths in Afghanistan by now is over 25,000 but, the actual number is believed to be highly higher than the government’s statistics as the areas in far plunge of the country are out of its control. The mainly affected people who suffered a lot due to the outbreak of the pandemic were the lower-class population in Afghanistan. And unfortunately, the government because of its weak management and corrupted administration also failed to provide the people with essential living materials. What the government needs to do indeed is to bring reforms in its administration, make proper schemes and implement welfare projects to draw the attention of the international community’s for assisting Afghanistan in its fight against the COVID-19. The government should be ready for tougher situations and make proper and transparent plans in advance for any type of crisis, and therefore, the people will not face severe economic challenges and feeble health systems.

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