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Editorial: Cowardly attack on charity organization

A group of armed men on Wednesday attacked the regional office of the Save the Children organization in Jalalabad city, the provincial capital for Nangarhar.

The attack lasted for about 10 hours as the assailants were exchanging fire with the security forces. Five people including employees of the organization were killed and 26 more the majority of them civilians were injured. The Daesh terrorist group that has active presence in Nangarhar claimed responsibility for the attack. This is not the first time that an international organization is targeted by terrorist groups, and Taliban militants attacked several ones in the past.

The relief organizations from any country are international bodies that only work to the help the needy and vulnerable people in the countries where people are suffering war and bloodshed or poor economy and poverty.

Save the Children organization has been active in Afghanistan since 1976. It has offices in 16 out of 34 provinces and has been covering around 1.4 million vulnerable children. Like other relief organizations such the United Nations’ WHO, WFP, UNICEF and others like the International Committee of the Red Cross, this organization also aims only to serve people with no political goals.

Employees of the relief organizations are always in the danger of death and injury because they go to the places where nobody else can go. Their principles require them to go to these places and provide service for people in the fighting areas and they never spare.

On the other hand, they are in Afghanistan as our guests and the Afghan culture does not allow to behave your guest with weaker respect, while attacking them is stranger with the culture.

Surely those who attack these helpless relief people are not Afghans, because Afghans inherit respect and hospitality from their parents and other relatives or the society.

Those who attack the relief organizations and workers are the slaves of foreign countries and terrorist networks that only aim to destabilize Afghanistan and prevent the country from receiving humanitarian assistance.

The terrorist groups even do not respect the international laws that prohibit attacks against civilians and civil agencies.

These groups cannot represent even a single citizen of Afghanistan even those who oppose the governance system.

The Save the Children is requested to reopen its office in Afghanistan because Afghans love them, respect them and need their assistance. The government and security forces should be more serious in providing security measures for them.

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