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Editorial: Credibility question

The unity government has initiated different steps to improve security situation and reform state institutions. Some of the efforts were productive. Unfortunately, most of the steps did not yield good results because nepotism, corruption and mismanagement are ripe for greed and fraud. There is no denying that trust deficit between the government and public is all time high.  The leaders sitting in the halls of power know the reason—they have not delivered on the promises that they made in 2014. Clash over ministries and other top government offices kept the leaders busy—most of the time—despite knowing that insecurity has displaced thousands of people. Unemployment and poverty forced hundreds of Afghan children and adults to leave the country.

Different countries have hosted leaders of Afghan militant groups to establish formal relations. Although, this act resulted in acceptance of the insurgents as a parallel government in Afghanistan but the unity government did not reacted the way it was expected. The trilateral meeting on December 27 in Moscow is just a single indicator of a weak government in Kabul. Instead of dealing with the challenges, the leaders have relied heavily on often-heard statements which are not backed by actions. Hiding or covering mistakes undermine credibility of the government.

Attacks on lawmakers in heart of the country, Kabul City, asylum case of the first Afghan female pilot in the United States, the uncertain fate pushing Afghan refugees in Greece towards prostitution and beheading of women are very distributing news and signs of failed governance. Whether the Wednesday’s briefing at the interior ministry on militants casualties was preplanned to update public on the development or aimed to calm the anger over attacks on the legislators, but it opened door for some fundamental questions. The ministry claimed killing 420 Taliban commanders in the past nine months.

Indeed, it is a big achievement but the questions still remain that how could militants attack key persons in the capital city, and behead women when dust is eating most of their commanders. If all is well, then why the first female pilot Niloofar Rahmani and hundreds of other Afghans are seeking asylum in the US and Europe? Perhaps, the government can come up with an explanation of its own on the Rahmani case but what about those teenage Afghan refugees who turned to prostitution in Greece. Afghans never do anything that would dishonor them. Very sadly, many of them are killing their souls to sell their bodies in Greece.

The leaders cannot escape from their responsibilities by hurling illogical statements that contradict the ground realities. Therefore, they should address the challenges on war-footing while locking their personal and political rivalries in the box of national consensus.

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