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Editorial: Critical moment

Foothold of foreign-backed extremism is getting stronger in Afghanistan with every passing day. The foreign intervention that had begun hundreds of years ago is still causing destruction. In the modern age, the faces of destructive forces had changed. So has changed the nature and scale of the destruction. Now the destruction is unprecedented. The country has been defended by hundreds of thousands of known and unknown soldiers. Some regional and global players are not responding to Afghanistan according to the country’s friendly and brother relations with all states on the planet. Afghans are tired of bloodshed. They want peace around the world so everyone can live freely.

It is very unfortunate that Afghanistan has been the center of many great games which resulted in mass exodus of people or serious humanitarian crisis. Children are suffering from malnutrition while adults are facing severe food insecurity. Insurgency has not only claimed lives of civilians and security forces but also destroyed fields and orchards. Farmers are searching for secure corners in the country to escape violence. Scores of developmental projects are halted because of insecurity. The government shall be concerned about the growing humanitarian crisis in the country as the international community cannot support Kabul for always.

It is also true that some actors in the region are channeling human and financial resources to turn Afghanistan either into its informal or formal colony so they would be able to control foreign and internal polices of the war-hit country and exploit its natural resources as well as its important geo-political position. These anti-peace elements are known. Unfortunately, the international community has adopted a mysterious silence despite known that who are supporting terrorism and extremism. Turning a blind eye to the root cause of extremism has given birth to other serious challenges such as humanitarian crisis, failure of the international organizations to combat drugs and deadly diseases such as polio.

Expressing serious concerns over the anticipated internal displacement of Afghans by the end of current year, the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Stephen O’Brien, urged the donor countries to urgently “scale up support” to more than one million people. Based on the statements of the United Nations, Afghanistan is facing serious humanitarian crisis because hundreds of families would experience harsh winter. Probably, many will face the extreme weather with no or little facilities for the first time. As more than 5,000 Afghan refugees are returning from Pakistan on daily basis, the government should coordinate its humanitarian efforts with the international community to address the issue and facilitate the displaced people. It is very critical moment for the country. Support of the donor countries is important.

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