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Editorial: Cruelty in month of fasting

A group of the Taliban militants attacked the police headquarters in Paktia province in the early morning of Sunday. According to reports, the first insurgent detonated his vehicle filled with the explosives at the entrance of the police headquarters that is located in the Gardez city, the provincial capital.

As usual, he did this to open the way for his comrades to enter the headquarters building. The attack is said to have taken several hours until the last assailant was gunned down by the police.

This very tragic incident unfortunately, left at least six police officers martyred, while more than 30 people including 15 officers were injured.

The attack comes just a couple of days after a suicide bomber targeted the al Zahra mosque in Kabul. At least four worshippers were martyred and about 10 more wounded.

Those who target people (either security forces or civilians) should recognize that they are nothing, but only terrorists, no matter by any name or title. They are not human being and are anti humanity and against every type of religion.

The terrorists who shed the blood of innocent people in the holy month of Ramadan, do not believe in the doomsday when they have to stand in front of the justice of God.

These miserable terrorists carry out attacks under the Islamic slogans and claim they do these for Islam. Does the holy Koran let you kill an innocent person without any reason? Koran says killing of one innocent person means the killing of the whole society.

The terrorist Taliban, Haqqani, Daesh and other groups only want to make happy and satisfy their regional masters who pay, shelter and arm them against their own people. They prefer the satisfaction of regional intelligence agencies than the satisfaction of God, because they do not recognize God and his orders. They are the unbelievers and only aim to kill people and destroy families.

May the almighty God punish them as they do not have the capacity to be instructed. May God take the revenge of the people’s blood from these terrorists that are the slaves of foreigners.

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