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Editorial: Cruelty reached peak

Islamic State (IS), which is also known as Daesh terrorist have claimed responsibility for the deadly attack on a mosque in western Herat province. More than 100 people were killed or wounded in the multiple suicide bomber attack in Jawadia mosque—Daesh took credit, while targeting innocent civilians, especially in holy place like mosque, where people get together to worship Allah, the Almighty, is totally against Islamic teachings and human principles. Killing of unarmed civilians, irrespective of Muslim or non-Muslim is totally forbidden in Islam.  If you kill one human being, whether it is Muslim, Christen, Hindu, or etc…it is as though you have killed all humanity. And if you save one human life, it is as though you saved all human being. This is what Islam teaches us. Killing, bloodshed, massacre, abduction, beheading, and so many other evil doing is absolutely has no connection with Islam. Daesh terrorists that killed worshipers in Herat mosque are not adherents of Islam, because killing of civilian is not justifiable in Islam. Suicide attack is also forbidden. However, this attack was widely condemned by world leaders. We understand that terrorist groups would achieve nothing but more hate against themselves with such acts. Daesh by attacking a particular ethnicity in Afghanistan can’t divide the Afghans—rather such criminal acts create more unity among Afghans across the country. Soon after attack, a large number of Herat citizens, both Shia and Sunni rushed to hospitals to donate bloods to save lives. This is a great slap in the face of Daesh, and utterly a failure to their mission of division. Knowledge and ignorance, lightness and cruelty and right and wrong, these are key issues that not only Daesh, but all terrorist outfits can’t differentiate between. Militants always located with ignorance, don’t’ see the beauty of knowledge, and never tried to see. Cruelty of the militants already reached peak as they even don’t show mercy to children and women. Daesh has to bear in mind one thing that they never succeed by targeting mosques, and schools additional to other public places. If suicide attacks and killing of civilians were allowed—why religious scholars nationwide had condemned Daesh mosque bombing and other terrorist acts. Religious said that Islam teaches the lesson of peace and security and no one can justify terrorist attacks on mosque and other civilian places. Daesh terrorists are making all out efforts to fuel sectarian war, but this evil dream will never come true. The Afghan masses are mature enough to deal with any sort of enemies conspires, and dashed to the group their every evil designs that mastermind for division of Afghans.

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