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Editorial: Daesh, a rising security challenge

Eastern Nangarhar province badly suffers from the continuing chain of terrorist attacks carried out by notorious global terror outfit, Daesh which is also known as ISIS. Daesh is thought to be a project of Pakistan to destabilize Afghanistan. That’s what is claimed by Afghan authorities and seems true because the terror group is led by Pakistani terrorists armed with sophisticated weapons and military gears.

Sixty-five houses of civilians were set on fire on Sunday in Kot district of Nangarhar, followed by abduction of 13 seminary teachers in Haska Mina of the same province. Prior to the recent terror wave unleashed by Daesh in Nangarhar, a peaceful demonstration of Shiite Muslims and mosques were attacked in Kabul last year. The cowardly attacks claimed lives of scores of people and left several injured. The terrorist group has dramatically and deliberately injected into Afghanistan. Daesh is repeatedly trying to expand its evil tentacles to all provinces of Afghanistan by terrorizing the Afghan people. The terror group wants to establish command and control center in Nangarhar and later establish footholds in the adjacent provinces.

The Afghan security forces backed by the US military, conducted regular strikes against the loyalists of Daesh. These strikes are being termed as a severe blow to the group. Afghan and American authorities know that nipping the evil of Daesh in the bud is need of the hour. Eroding capabilities of the terror group is top priority of Afghan military strategists. However, victory is yet a distant dream because the terrorist organization has carried attacks in different provinces of the country. Daesh is no more restricted to Nangarhar only.

Regarding ISIS presence in Afghanistan, the irresponsible statements of Russia are an open violation of the diplomatic ethics. Afghanistan has been already combating Taliban insurgency. The growth of ISIS would create another disastrous emergency in the country. In order to uproot Daesh from Afghanistan, the government and the US-led NATO forces have to adopt more effective measures of strikes. On the other hand, various institutions of local community must be organized and mobilized. Pipeline of oxygen to Daesh from Pakistan must be cut off. Heavy installation of equipped police and military should be deployed to launch more offensive strikes and to strengthen the courage and confidence of the local Afghan community in the troubled eastern provinces. Intelligence operation must be exercised against the mentioned group. Public awareness campaign should be launched in a meaningful way to wipe out the rising threat from the loyalists of terror group.

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