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Editorial: Daesh brutality

The surprised spillover of Daesh (IS) extremist groups to Afghanistan years ago, is still a big question. It is a foreign terrorist group, and it’s made-up to the war-hit country is a matter of serious concern, especially after carrying out deadly attacks, killing dozens, injuring hundreds. Daesh terrorists, which has been behind several past bombings, including in Kabul, the capital city, is apparently gaining footprint in Jawzjan province beside, eastern Nangarhar, and Kunar. Already made it, as previously news of over 250 children under Daesh military training in Darzab district in northern Jawzjan province emerged. Now the Daesh atrocities are growing in district, including sexual abuse of girls and women. One of the victim said a number of gunmen headed by a Daesh commander forced their way into her house, killed her brother in law and took away her sister with them. The girl was under sexual abuse for ten months by different Daesh fighters. Dilbarkhal, another woman, said Daesh insurgents forced their way into her house, killed her husband and sexually assaulted her newly-wed daughter. The attack was carried out by Daesh rebels headed by Qari Ibrahim. She said Daesh insurgents killed her daughter and husband together. Rahmatullah Hashar, a former district chief of Darzab, also acknowledged to Pajhwok News Agency that the ongoing atrocities being committed by Daesh against people and added sexually attacks and torture had become a routine practice. Daesh extremist like other terrorist groups, claims to be adherent of Islam, but sexual abuse and other atrocity against civilians, had showed they know nothing about Holy Islam. They are animal of its time. They are not even deserved to be called human. Daesh rebel’s sexual attack against women is clear indication of their cruelty and inhumanity. The pure faces of Daesh appeared. Beheading, torching houses, sexual abuse, killing civilians, including children, attacking worshipers in Mosque, attacking media outlets, and journalists, even religious scholars, and several other inhuman acts, has unmasked the most brutal face of Daesh militants. Since appearance, Daesh has become the world’s most infamous terror group, attracting international franchises and spreading fear with acts of extreme violence. But they will not win in Afghanistan. We can talk with Taliban group, but we will fight against Daesh till last blood. The brave Afghan security forces will perish Daesh militants, and an utter defeat is waiting for them. Government announced ceasefire with Taliban group, and that worked successfully. But vowed to fight against Daesh, and al-Qaeda terror groups. Time has ripe for fully elimination of Daesh terrorist as their atrocity is not acceptable at all.

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