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Editorial: Daesh in a wrong land

The Islamic State IS, which is also known as Daesh terrorist group has suffered huge casualties with hundreds of them were killed and wounded. It is possible to win the war against Daesh with air and ground operations and importantly to halt their recruiting process across the country, especially in western Nangarhar province. It is not a wall-type proclamation as 1,955 Daesh terrorist, including foreigners were killed over the past one year in different operations carried out by the Afghan security forces with the support of US airstrikes. Most of them (Daesh) were killed in Nangarhar. Without any doubt, there is no room for Daesh militants in Afghanistan, as there are huge ideology differences—which is not acceptable for the Afghan people and the government. The group has been engaged in direct war against civilians, and the mosque massacre and the deadly attacks against peaceful demonstrators in Kabul could be taken as a wide example of their atrocity. Moreover, the group torched dozens of residential houses in Baba Ghondi area of Kot district in Nangarhar province—a clear showcase of attack against unarmed community.

Another immorality of the group is appeared after abduction of dozens of women and girls and forced them to marry its fighters. Civilians in Nangarhar province are suffering from the oppression of this group. It was also reported that Daesh terrorists searching houses to find new recruits including children and to also identify you girls and women to marry them under duress. But, despite all this atrocity, the group is going to be eliminated soon. Daesh militants are in the wrong land. There is no place for them as strong will to eliminate the group is very much visible at domestic and international level.

The Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan said, “70 percent of Daesh in Afghanistan are former TTP members, and we have killed several leaders including top 12 IS leaders.” According to the Resolute Support, last year, IS were present in about 11 districts of Nangarhar and now it has been reduced to two or three and their numbers were 2,000 and now down to about 700 in Nangarhar and a few hundred in Kunar.”

At the outset, Daesh terrorist group was repeatedly tried to expand its evil tentacles to all provinces of Afghanistan by terrorizing the Afghan people. When failed to expand its footholds, the terrorist group is now thinking to establish command and control center in Nangarhar, and later try best to establish footholds in the adjacent provinces.

Since a strong will is here, the Afghan security forces should conduct a massive operation against Daesh militants in Afghanistan general and in Nangarhar particularly. Through elimination of Daesh terrorists, the Afghan security forces could heal the wounds of Afghan people suffered by the continue chain of terrorist attacks conducted by the notorious global terrorist outfit.

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