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Editorial: Daesh recruitments must stop

The Islamic State (IS), which is also known as Daesh terrorist outfit, is definitely posing specific security threat to Afghanistan and the world, with nowadays the notorious group is making all-out efforts to recruit female and girls to carry out subversive activities. This should not be underestimated because growing threat of women and minors linked to IS highlights a grim picture with pitfall consequences. Afghan lawmakers alarmed of Daesh recruiting process as members of the group approaching schools and madrassa in Kabul, the capital city, aimed at increasing their members. Daesh operatives are encouraging teenage boys and girls in schools and religious schools of Kabul to join Daesh crews. The new recruits, they assert, will be trained in Daesh headquarters and then prepared for suicide attacks. Daesh’s measure to attract new recruits from women and girls has caused deep concern. The narratives within Daesh itself related to women’s roles in combat have also evolved, broadening the circumstances under which women not only asked to take up arms, but also brainwash to conduct suicide attacks. This is not only the most disgraceful act, but seeing women active role in IS-linked plots in different countries with fatalities in sight around the world, indicating that women are indeed important to consider as potential threats. It is of great danger for Afghanistan, and since our society is traditional with Islamic rule and regulations, women has special place in it with respect, which is valuable. But in that case it is difficult to recognize who is a Daesh-recruited woman or ordinary Afghan. This makes complicated for security forces to go after or recognize Daesh member. It is worth mentioning that women have been played roles beyond brides to Daesh male fighters, as they went far expectation by recruiting other women, disseminating propaganda and fundraising for the terrorist group. The threat is huge, but to quell it, it is important to have political will among world leaders. To combat terrorism and extremism that has been spreading so rapidly, a comprehensive plan is need of the hour to be chalked out to ensure closure of financing ports, propaganda platforms, and recruiting staffing. Daesh since its inception has been successfully recruiting women across national and ideological lines to assume key positions in advancing the organization’s objectives. Without ifs and buts, a bold steps to stop Daesh recruiting in Afghanistan is of utmost important that all resources must be used towards, to safe women from being prey to Daesh riotously propaganda.

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