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Editorial: Daesh will be exterminated

The notorious terrorist group, Islamic State (IS) also known as Daesh is in rapid recoil as the Afghan security forces continues to strike them from air and ground. It’s crystal clear that there is no room for conciliation with Daesh extremists because it’s a foreign evil group that must be eliminated. However, regarding Taliban militants, there is possibility of reconciliation as they already agreed for three-day ceasefire – a totally indication of their tiredness of war. Also Taliban has emerged from Afghan society and peace efforts for their reintegration is the best option. Though, both Taliban and Daesh terrorists are the two sides of the same coin, unless for those Taliban members to embrace peace. The brave Afghan security forces have been fighting all terrorist groups without distinguishing between good and bad. For us those who pick up arms against central government are considered enemies, and definitely will fight it. Our forces are working tirelessly to defeat the evil of our time. Daesh’s atrocity against innocent Afghans, especially in eastern Nangarhar province, is quite known to all. Fighters loyal to the Daesh militants conducted several deadly attacks, but those against sacred places, like mosques, shrines have unmasked the devil face of militants. It is worth mentioning that battle would be continue against militant outfits. We will continue to hit the terrorists. In the short run, Daesh still holds some areas in eastern parts, but the group has been prevented from gaining foothold in big cities. There is major breakthrough in the fight against Daesh, but it hasn’t been destroyed. There is still a tough fight ahead. And that gone be easy, as Army Gen. Joseph Votel, the commander of US Central Command said the Daesh militants is not reconcilable, and must be eradicated. Also the Afghan government assured to threat surrendered Daesh fighters as war prisoners. Last week a group of between 200 and 250 Daesh fighters surrendered to security forces after a heavy battle against the Taliban. The US commander said these fighters will be investigated and held to account for any war crimes they were found to have committed. Everyone is against Daesh militants, and fortunately the mission is only to destroy them. A breakdown on social and civil continuity is the major factor that indicates Daesh as global rising militants, but the fact is that they already defeated in Afghanistan, Syria and in Iraq at some stages. Soon be exterminated entirely.

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