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Editorial; Deadlock yet to be broken

Though the United States Special Envoy Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad is attaching great hopes with Pakistan regarding making agree Taliban leaders for ensuring presence in Islamabad conference on Afghanistan but Taliban leaders are reluctant to do so. Latest reports reveal that Taliban leaders have suggested participation of several other stakeholders like Saudi Arab, Iran, Qatar and UAE in the forthcoming talks to be held at Islamabad. Pakistan media reported that from 10 to 12 Taliban leaders would reach in Islamabad for talks. On such grounds, Zalmay Khalilzad has prolonged his stay in Islamabad but date, time and other details of Islamabad hosted talks yet to be made public. However, during his stay in Islamabad, Khalilzad has held details and what Pakistan media claiming “fruitful” talks with high ranking authorities like its Premier Imran Khan, COAS Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa, Foreign Minister Qureshi, Foreign Secretary Ms Janjua and others. All these talks and meetings were focused on one point-how to bring Taliban around table talks and how to make them agree for joining the political process in war-ravaged Afghanistan. Apparently Pakistan is claiming of supporting Afghanistan peace process sincerely but the ground reality is believed to be different. Almost Taliban are not depending in Pakistan but even they along with relatives and friends are enjoying maximum facilities of Pakistan. Not only in Pakistan but outside of Pakistan, these Taliban leaders are in links with the officers, responsible for looking after affairs and developments in Afghanistan. Pakistan having huge stakes in Afghanistan and its leaders and policy makers are reluctant to give free hands to whoever will govern Afghanistan in future. Pakistan since return of former Soviet troops from Afghanistan in late 90’s is in a bid to have its puppet or loyal government in Kabul. For such a purpose it had made contribution in Peshawar, Jalalabad and Saudi Arab accords but upon failure of all such accords, the then interior affairs minister and ex-military Gen. Naseer Ullah Babar had produced the new force, named later Tehrik Taliban. No one can neglect honest and patriotic Afghans in the ranks of Taliban but it is a fact that its policies and decisions are dictated from somewhere else. Now almost of the world countries, especially considered stakeholders in Afghan conflict are well aware of realities, therefore, they are building up pressure against Pakistan and US to deliver at this crucial stage. The government of Afghanistan and people has been made fed up by prolonged wars and atrocities and they want peace and normalcy. Continuation of wars and hostilities in Afghanistan is no more in any interests; therefore, all those claiming to be “stake holders” are bound to resolve the conflict otherwise global community must address its responsibilities by “stopping” genocide of Afghans and destruction of Afghanistan.

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