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Editorial: Deadlocked peace talks

Any step which lies in stopping violence is absolutely appreciable. There is no denial to the fact that Afghan masses desperately wait for peace and security to be maintained in the war-hit country. To achieve that, Afghan civilian despite military personnel have rendered huge sacrifices. But however peace yet to come. Recently, the Taliban and the representatives of the government have restarted secret talks in the Persian Gulf state of Qatar, a leading British newspaper Guardian reported.

However, officials of the High Peace Council (HPC) rejected peace talks and said “it is not a peace talks at all”. The current meeting in Doha has nothing to do with peace talks, they said.

Moreover, it was reported that few days ago the National Directorate of Security Head Massoum Stanekzai held talks with representatives of the Taliban in Qatar, in which senior US diplomat were also attended the meeting.

But, the interesting point is that when Taliban diplomats left Doha for talks with Pakistani officials. The Guardian quoted an unnamed Taliban source as saying Maulavi Shahabuddin Dilawar, a former ambassador to Pakistan, Mullah Jan Muhammad Madani, ex-foreign minister, and Mullah Abdul Salam, a former deputy education minister, travelled to Pakistan for talks.

Taking this into account, it is a clear indication that Taliban have never been sincere in peace talks and can’t do anything without their leading supporter ‘Pakistan’. It also shows a great interference of Pakistan in the issue.

However,the current peace talks is just a game that have been playing by Taliban insurgents to diverse attention of security forces in battlefield, andat somehow stretch hope to the Afghan government to stop attacking Taliban fighters during upcoming winter. It is like an open book that the Taliban insurgents wanted to get rid of winter season via proclaiming of peace talks.It could be the most rational reason behind so-called peace talks that doing rounds recently. But, the Afghan government is mature enough to deal with such conspires and target not only Taliban but all form of insurgents during the winter. The government must broke the chain of fake peace talks where the intention is only to keep the government busy till the right time for the militants to resume attacks.

This winter would be deadly for the insurgent outfits as the Ministry of Defense recently said that security forces have plans to gear up their anti-terror campaign in winter against militants.“We are working on the ongoing “Shafaq Operation” to clear all areas under the control of insurgents during (upcoming) winter,” the Defense Ministry Spokesman Dawlat Waziri said recently.

It is a great proverb saying: “Your hypocrisy insults my intelligence.” The time is ripe for the government that not let the Taliban to undermine the intelligence of our security agencies through so-called peace talks.

Comprehensive operations against militants must be conducted during upcoming winter. Security forces should pounder insurgent hideouts from air and ground in a bid to feeble them as much as they (militants) fail to announce their next spring offensive.

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