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Editorial: Deadly conspiracy looming

Not sure how much the heartbreak Afghan nation could take for the loss of their beloved ones as deadly violence continues on daily basis. Terrible and sad news are making the day of Afghans. Kabul citizens wake up on Saturday morning with yet other heart-wrenching news of a blast that killed three people, including a prominent journalist, Yama Siawash. He was a well spoken who bravely asked questions from government officials and politicians. His courage was unique and barely one can made it an easy way to escape his tough but at the same time important questions. We lost plenty of young, talented and patriotic youths. Siawash is neither the one nor the last. The agents of darkness are systemically taking away our bright young boys and girls. Recently they attacked Kabul University and Kawsar-e Danish educational center in northern part of Kabul city. These inhumane attacks are the work of those elements that are afraid of Afghanistan’s great and young generation. Attacking educational centers and the media figure is the culmination of the enmity of blind terrorism. It is a new conspiracy of the enemy and roots of this dangerous conspiracy must be destroyed. They are sworn enemies of the country’s progress and development with all efforts trying to silence the generation of change and enlightenment. But the path of enlightenment is irreversible. There is no force to stop them from pursuing education or to stop the nascent but strong media outlets from discharging its obligation of providing accurate and timely information. This is unjustified and wrongfully rhetoric to suffocate the Afghan youths by violence or by means of horrifying. Theirs evil design will never translate into action. Afghanistan is full-grown today and will not fall apart by such terrorist attacks. The Afghans are strong enough and will continue their daily lives after each deadly attack with more guts, but it doesn’t mean their security officials go unobserved. Security failures and security incidents are speaking loudly. Five magnetic bomb blasts occurred in Kabul, the capital city in one day. There is a need for a comprehensive security plan to help contain the spike of the violence. Uptick in violence has shattered this nation and it would be difficult to say for how long the Afghans can pretend they are strong. We are back broken but stronger.

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