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Editorial: Deep in darkness

More than 20, mostly worshippers were killed in the hour-long siege of a mosque in Kabul, the capital city. Suicide attackers stormed Imam Zaman mosque in Qala-e-Najarha, opened fire at prayers, killing men, women and children. Three security forces among those killed. Islamic State (IS), known as Daesh terrorist claimed responsibility for the brutal killing—but what is reason behind killing worshippers. Why the group targets mosques, the holy places. Are Daesh fighters are Muslims? Surely no—killing civilians is absolutely contrary to the Islamic teachings. Even killing of hostages is not allowed in Islam, but Daesh entered a mosque, killing those people who gathered to worship their creator, Allah the Almighty. In the past, in western Herat province, Daesh fighters killed and wounded a large number of worshipers after carrying out suicide attacks again in a mosque. It is obvious now that fighters loyal to Daesh don’t know the value of mosque, if so—they would never target this holy place considering its position and value in holy Islam. So what we should label Daesh beside a terrorist group, some people say radical group, but no, they (Daesh) are infidels because they don’t follow the command of Allah, the Almighty. They (Daesh) is acting against Islam, while the holy Islam emphasize on peace, harmony, mercy, and so many other good things, but they (Daesh fighters) even don’t show mercy to worshipers, including women and children. Daesh and other militant outfits are in deep darkness. Noting this, Daesh no more deserve to be called Islamic State. We understand that Daesh following orders of their masters to fuel sectarian war in Afghanistan through targeting one ethnicity. But Daesh and its foreign masters, especially Pakistan, the number one enemy of Afghan masses, will dig this dream of sectarian division with themselves into grave. Through several ups and downs, the Afghan masses maintained unity. Shiite and Sunni are brothers, and sisters—this chain of brotherhood and compatriot would never tremble, so there is no question of its broke. Our unity is a great slap in the face of Daesh and other sworn enemies of Afghanistan. After hardship, there is relief, and we will win against Pakistan, Daesh, Taliban and other militant outfits. We are already in wining path, so that’s why militants now changed its war tactics toward sectarian war, which they (insurgents) already utterly failed. There is no single doubt that Afghan masses would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the government. Such incidents will never divide Afghans. But at the same time, the government should accelerate efforts to prevent infiltration of militants into Afghanistan in general, but to the mosques in particular. It is like open book that insurgents comes to Afghanistan from Pakistan—a country that has been feeding militants for longtime. Viewing this, security institutions should stay vigilant all the time to kill Pakistani-backed militants at first place. We are with our brave Afghan security forces, who have been rendering huge scarifies to maintain peace and stability in our motherland. We also do appreciate timely respond to the Friday’s mosque attack with killing all militants and pulling out a large number of hostages.

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