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Editorial: Delete, cut all divergence

If someone doesn’t like us, it should tell the reason. Why such hatred be here. Let’s sit in a roundup dialogue by putting all the loathing at the table. The aim is to find solution to that abhorrence. Talk is the best way to brush aside every sorts of divergence. The focus must not put down toward accusing each other rather finding solution to all deviation. One minute is enough to change the episode if there is will en route for better tomorrow. There is ongoing disparity between neighboring countries. At present, via any lens can’t find trust between them. However, this trust-deficit would be walked out by talking, and durable solution. We have already received enough damage from this trust shortfall. Building trust is the need of the hour—but not in prospect of abusing. Honest approach to get rid of current uncertainty requires sincere efforts of all regional countries. Every circumstance has some options—delete, clear, cut, and etc… Those words which don’t suit others should be deleted. Press clear key when wants to make some amendment based on mutual interest. Most importantly, cut all sort of relations with those groups which are hell-bent in devastation of not only Afghanistan but the entire region and the world. Question arise here that why talks between Afghan and Pakistani government delegation held in Islamabad on February 9th, and 10th ended without any specific result. “While some progress was made on the mechanism of cooperation, no progress was achieved on specific, results-oriented, time-bound measures in the Afghanistan-Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity (APAPPS), particularly in the areas of counter terrorism, reduction of violence, peace and reconciliation to meet the priorities of Afghanistan,” statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. It is a serious issue. Pakistan off-the-shoulder its responsibility to assure the Afghan government officials of cutting ties with various terrorist outfits, while it is a fact that Pakistan has been supporting and harboring insurgent outfits. It is not a wall-type statement, and the international community knows of the issue with jam-packed details. But again we believe in talks by deleting the treachery of Pakistan against Afghanistan in all areas. We have suffered a lot at the hands of the Pakistani-backed militant groups. But Islamabad is now in doldrums. Situation is not going well there. The Afghan government never searched for sticks to give a lesson to Pakistan for its deceit despite it has plenty of vulnerability in different areas that could easily be broken. It is because of believes in none-violence approach, otherwise situation in Pakistan could be different from today’s bad to worse. Still there is room for building trust by removing all type of discrepancy. Waiting for that day in nearest future as nothing is permanent in this world even the current none-violence approach of the Afghan government.



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