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Editorial: Deliberate Confusion

What we know so far about the national interests – there is no clear speciation and explanation on it as of today. It seems all the high-profile authorities are somehow talking about observation of the national interest, while attacking others for ignoring this noble cause as just over its narrow personal interests. Why there are so many internal rifts among the Afghan leaders – why a climax of full mistrust has cropped and even led to the confrontation between these leaders. The Afghan leaders out of government have never bogged down its accusations spree against the current system, accusing Presidential Place as a hub of corruption, as well as the main obstacles in the way of peace. President Ghani was directly attacked for being a peace spoiler, and his top officials have also been accused of deliberately standing and working in a well-calculated way to sabotage the current peace process predestined to find a political settlement to the conflict through dialogues. Clash of words are also spread between the representatives of the Afghans at the parliament and President Ghani, accusing each other on different issues, including violating the Constitution, corruption on top. But in the current sense President Ghani seems to be more sticking in the Constitution. He wants to transfer power to his successor in a constitutional way. What exactly he means is via votes through elections. But this is possible after three years once the second term of President Ghani at office comes to an end. This also undermines the objective of the peace talks. What if the Taliban call for an early election or ask for a new setup as part of peace efforts to end the war. Indeed, the objective of the talks is for a sovereign, democratic, united Afghanistan at peace with itself and the region. And anyone who thinks to dominate the power, will definitely have very negative consequences for the country. The purpose of the talks is to reach a political settlement in a bid to stop the bloodshed and carnage of the Afghans. We have to heal our pains and we must show our ability to attain peace in our country. 20 years of war is enough, and the second round of peace negotiations must give fruits for a unified and peaceful Afghanistan. The Afghan society is united and seeking peace, but we never want to go back to the darkest period and the Taliban must understand that Taliban-type approach of the past can never again imposed on us.

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