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Editorial: Democracy in return of blood

Finally, first phase of third parliamentary elections held throughout Afghanistan except Kandahar and Ghazni provinces, which could be considered a good omen. It confirms faith and trust of war-stricken Afghans in democratic and political process as well. But the Afghans for maintaining their trust in democracy and political process have paid a great price. Reports reveal that on election day around 192 violent incidents occurred throughout the country, claiming lives of over 40 innocent people while injuries around 200. Overall during the election process scores of violent acts occurred throughout Afghanistan which took lives of around tens of people including 10 candidates. The candidates fell victims of terror were also included former parliamentarians. Though the parliament (Wolesi Jirga) is lacking role in formation of government but it play a key role in the Presidential Elections as well as in formation of cabinet. The Wolesi Jirga also considered an active watch dog in Afghanistan political process as the President is bound to get its approval in favor of ministers. On such grounds, the ministers are compelled to remain in cordial relations with members of Wolesi Jirga. Similarly from time to time, the Wolesi Jirga also debating issues, especially performances of the government. Since its inception in 2005, the election to Loya Jirga is being held purely on non political grounds but majority of the elected MP’s are known for their political faiths and beliefs. Now with the passage of time, the political ideologies and identities are influencing the Wolesi Jirga and Masharano Jirga as well. Beside others the decades old militancy and terrorism trends are considered huge issue before the newly elected Wolesi Jirga. Similarly, now the intentions of not only US, Russia, China and other big countries are very clear regarding Afghanistan. The neighbor and regional countries since a long are on a bid to establish and strengthen its influence in internal and external decision making bodies of Afghanistan. Relations with Pakistan are worsening day by day and both countries are at verge of war-like situation. As a result of frequent foreign interventions Afghanistan suffered a lot. Its people have been made fed up by prolonged war and hostilities. They are also ahead with the imported doctrine of extremism and terrorism, mostly inherited by the so-called Cold War between the US-USSR that concluded with ultimate results on Afghan soil. Keeping in view the outcomes of imported wars, hostilities and ideologies, miseries and expectations of war stricken countrymen on the other, maximum responsibility rests with the newly elected Wolesi Jirga. Instead of eyeing on personal benefits and interests, the newly elected Wolesi Jirga members need to build up a consensus on ways and means aimed at return of peace and tranquility and an end to every sort of foreign interventions in internal affairs of Afghanistan.

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