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Editorial: Denial of undeniable

It seems that the longest military fight in Afghanistan is getting little attention in these days at regional grounds. The regional countries have been busy in multiple-meetings while Taliban, Islamic State, aka Daesh terrorist group and other militant outfits are busy carrying subversive activates in Afghanistan.

China, Russia, and Pakistan recently gathered under one roof in Moscow, discussing security issues of Afghanistan without presence of Afghan officials. However, the positive symptom is that Afghanistan, Iran, and India would join these countries in next meeting on Afghanistan’s issue. In a meeting with his Afghan counterpart, Salahuddin Rabbani on Tuesday, Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov said his country is willing to cooperate with Afghanistan on a wide range of issues including economic cooperation and to boost Afghanistan’s fragile security climate. Moscow also lends support in Afghanistan’s leadership in stabilizing the situation in the county and in the war on terror.

However, peace and stability would be maintained in Afghanistan in shortest time if China, Russia, India, and Iran put immense pressure on Pakistan—the country that have never been honest in war on terror. Afghanistan situation is very simple, if its neighbor Pakistan to turn away from supporting insurgency.

The books of history proved that Pakistan was involved in every terrorist attacks. It is historical fact that almost all of terrorist attacks that killed and wounded dozens people in Afghanistan were masterminded by insurgents in Pakistan soil. The insurgent enjoys good relations with Islamabad. Pakistan always tried to denial the undeniable. The killing of insurgent leaders in Pakistani soil is a great example of the country’s support to the militant outfits.

Islamabad never tried to mend fractured ties with Kabul. At the outset of his office, President Ghani visited Islamabad, but he received cold shoulder from the country in taming insurgency.

Afghan officials repeatedly called on Islamabad to shut all the safe havens and breeding nurseries of Taliban in their soil. However, the call went into deaf hears.

More than 20 people including women and children were killed in a suicide bombing inside the Supreme Court’s car park on Tuesday. The suicide bomber on foot, wearing an explosive-laden vest targeted Supreme Court employees. For sure the suicide bomber was received training in one of terrorist camps in Pakistan like several others.

According to UNAMA, since the beginning of 2015 alone, the agency documented 74 attacks targeting judges, persecutors and judicial staff, which have resulted in 89 dead and 214 wounded. It reminds all parties that judges and staff of civilian courts—including the Supreme Court—are civilians. Attacks intentionally targeting civilians are tantamount to war crimes.

However, there is hoped that the next meeting which is expecting to be held in Moscow could play a significant role in bringing a durable peace and stability in the war-hit country and also to force Pakistan to shun supporting insurgency.

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