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Editorial: Do more

Last day the US military commander Gen. John Nicholson in his address to the transformational ceremony of border police force from the ministry of interior to the ministry of defense, said being a front line state in war on terror, Afghanistan’s National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) have been fighting terrorism on behalf of all humanity in the region and around the globe. Commending the bravery, patriotism of ANDSF for their commitment in fight against terrorism, he said the ANDSF are highly respectable and professional forces in the region. Similarly, the President Ashraf Ghani and Gen. Nicholson announced double size for the Afghan Special Forces and triple size to the country’s Air Force to make them more powerful against the notorious enemies, shedding blood of innocent Afghans on the tones of terror sponsor states, neighboring Afghanistan. Gen. Nicholson’s remarks, to take the fight to the enemies wherever they are, and expressing the US commitment to powerful and stable Afghanistan, has made the entire Afghan nation to be more optimistic in the country’s peaceful and bright future. No doubt, the ANDSF with less resources and military equipments have been chasing terrorism in the country’s valleys and mountains and rendering highest number of sacrifices. Noting this, there are many responsibilities on the part of the US and NATO member countries, including our strategic and time-tested friend-India as well, to be done in order to overcome challenges posed by the state sponsored terrorism. To meet challenges of the hour and future, the US and NATO, being strategic partners of Afghanistan have to end up their slow flight and cautious policy in strengthening and modernizing the ANDSF. The Afghan security forces must be provided with latest Black Hawk helicopters, surveillance drones, radar system and other types of modern technology and weapons to make them perfect. Similarly, strong and secure military bases, comprising residential apartments with all sorts of facilities for military officials and soldiers are needed to be built in all the 34 provinces and district-wise, especially, along the so-called Durand Line. Monthly salaries of the ANDSF personnel must be increased and other types of facilities, including medical allowance for all the soldiers and their parents and children should be considered to make them comfortable with their jobs. The four-year development program for the ANDSF must be approved and implemented on war-footed basis. There is a need to further train the ANDSF officials and soldiers in the US, NATO and India’s military academies and training centers to boost up their professional and war capabilities against all sorts of terrorist challenges and foreign aggression. Post the new US strategy on South Asia, treating Pakistan as enemy, the US administration has given Islamabad one another chance to shun terror havens and their production factories on its soil. However, keeping in view the ground situations and the country’s notorious goals, Pakistan would not change its Afghan course and still remains a perpetrator of cross-point terrorism, resulting in bleeding Afghans and the international community in Afghanistan. Is it affordable and tolerable forever? No, never. The Afghan masses are going to lose their patience against the ongoing state sponsored terrorism and criminal silence by the international community which remained silent spectator against terror sponsor states. Besides, strengthening security institutions of Afghanistan and bringing economic stability to the country, time has arrived for the regional and international community to follow the European Parliament Vice President Ryszard Czarnecki who has been emphasized on revisiting the Durand Line to end Pakistan’s terror policy to be resulted in establishing durable peace and stability in the region and around the globe. Historically speaking, the British occupation over Indian sub-continent was ended in division of Afghanistan and India—greatest injustice of the history. Now, the war on terror must be ended in restoration of Afghanistan’s historic land and people on the other side of Durand Line to pave way for sharing harmony and success for all. Strongest, peaceful and stable Afghanistan and restoration of its historic land and people could be the only moral obligation of the regional and international community.

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