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Editorial: Doha Intra Afghan dialogues

Amidst growing confusion, reservations and opposition, the first ever round of intra Afghan dialogues is commencing at Doha, capital of Qatar from Friday. Taliban issued a list of 25 persons whereas the Afghan government has issued a long list of 250 persons for attending the conference and discussing ways and means for ending over four decades long turmoil and building up a consensus regarding future destiny of war devastated motherland. Neither unity government’s two rival chieftains Dr. Ashraf Ghani and Dr. Abdullah nor Taliban chief Mullah Haibatullah Akhund are going to glimpse the historical occasion. Similarly, former President Hamid Karzai, Prof. Abdul Rab Rasool Sayaf and Engineer Gulbadin Hekmatyar like top brass politicians are not going to the conference. On such grounds, it is out of expectations to pin much hope from the event but it could be considered a major breakthrough and a stepping stone towards the goals. Almost those either on the list of Afghan government or Taliban are true and patriotic Afghans, they want an end to over four decades’ turmoil and sincerely striving for return of peace and tranquility in the motherland. All of delegates have already made minds for receiving, meeting and discussing issues with each others as the delegates did at Moscow in previous January. All of them are well aware about root causes of the conflict, which was imposed on them from abroad and still fueled, sponsored, dictated and financed from abroad. Overwhelming populace of the motherland have already made fed up by prolonged war and they eagerly want an end to bloodshed and destruction. Compare to previous 70’s and 80’s, the situation in Afghanistan is totally different. Almost of its adults have witnessed and experienced rest of the civilized world. They have got standard education from a number of Western and European countries and are the witnesses to peaceful, prosperous and progressive living standard of the people. Now they want environment like of peaceful, progressive and prosperous countries. And for it, they need an end to every sort of hostilities in the motherland, which is possible through peace and reconciliation truces amongst the warring factions. The Doha intra Afghan dialogues could be considered a valuable opportunity with the representatives of war-affected countrymen, therefore, they need to utilize this available opportunity and at least ensure a road-map towards final destination of “complete peace” in according to proposal made by the United States Special Envoy Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad. 

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