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Editorial; Doha talks follow up

Instead of going ahead with the thin but too important patch up made between the United States Special Representative Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad and Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar led Taliban team in Doha, Qatar, Pakistan made a disappointing act by halting visa services in its Mazar-i-Sharif consulate general. Kabul based Pakistan Embassy on January 27th announced that on security grounds it closed the visa services in Mazar-i-Sharif Consulate general. It informed that personnel of Afghanistan security forces have recovered a hand grenade from the personal bag of a woman. The woman was arrested by security forces and now is under investigation. It is not first time that Pakistan on the grounds of security closed its visa section. Couple of months on similar pretexts it closed visa section in Jalalabad consulate. Whereas from time to time such type of acts are order of the day in Pakistan’s Embassy at Kabul. All such tactics meant nothing else just enhance miseries for the Afghan nationals who for socio-economic and health services intends to visit Pakistan. But a day before locking the Visa section of Pakistan’s Consulate General at Mazar-i-Sharif, a historical achievement made at Doha Qatar whereas US Envoy Khalilzad and Taliban leaders agreed on a negotiated solution to the conflict. This patch up could be considered a major breakthrough, therefore, is being welcomed and appreciated by peace loving countrymen as well people from rest of the world. Beside others former President Hamid Karzai has welcomed and termed the patch a ray of hope for the Afghans from all over the world. Apparently Pakistan has also welcomed the move and claimed it its major achievement. But soon after the patch, Pakistan on one hand suspended its visa services in Mazar-i-Sharif and its military high ups lead media squad to volatile North Waziristan declaring what they called, “the controversial Durand Line a dead issue.” The ISPR Chief words declaring Durand Line is a “dead issue” not only went viral on social media throughout the world but it also made anger the Afghans. Whatever might be intentions of Pakistan’s military establishment but the Durand Line has made disintegrated the Pakhtoons at the time when the British Colonial rulers were ahead with worst kind of resistance. Not only British but even global community through UN is committed to keep in mind interests of lingual communities in fixing of international borders. On both sides of Durand line people from one nation Pakhtoons are residing but these people having blood relations with each others. They are sharing inherited properties. One can keep them away from each other’s through guns and bullets but no one block their love and sentiments for each others. The European nationalities after disintegration for one century now made united. And similar will be the fate of Pakhtoons. Instead of declaring Afghanistan in the list of hostile countries, Pakistan’s military Junta must revisit its policies as Pakhtoons have been declared tested-sincere and honest friends. Through halting of Visa services and fencing of controversial Durand Line, the already war stricken and terror affected Afghans could be made too much anger but it is impossible to keep them silent forever. 

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