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Editorial: Doha Talks suspension

Amidst conflicting points of views, the talks between US Special Envoy Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad and opposition Taliban political office suspended on Thursday, and will resume today. Taliban spokesperson says that talks suspended due to deviation of US negotiation team from what he called two main topics and started discussing “irrelevant” issues, pressing on declaration of ceasefire. But the US Special Envoy Dr. Khalilzad was quoted by domestic and foreign media groups that talks suspended in a bid to go for consultation on issues of councils for embarking on most well awaited Intra-Afghan dialogues. One of Taliban senior leader was quoted by Pakistan media that, “this issue is not that much simple to be resolved within two or three rounds of talks. We were told to discuss two major issues- US withdrawal from Afghanistan and our commitment not to let our soil to be used against any country and particularly the US and allies after we reach an agreement.” On the other hand the US Special Envoy has shown satisfaction over three days detail talks with Taliban leaders, claiming major “breakthrough.” He added that four topics are under debate and now efforts are being made for entering into the phase of “intra Afghan dialogues.” In this respect, the negotiation process was suspended to discuss ways and means for constitution of council in connection with the intra-Afghan dialogues. Senior Taliban leader’s point of view is very clear as the matter is not so easy to be resolved in three or four rounds of talks. It needs detail deliberation and consultation. But the one thing is too much encouraging that all stake holders and rivals are now moving towards the right directions and building up trust in each others. Taking the process ahead is not only encouraging but it could be a matter of joy for the Afghans who have been made fed up by prolonged wars and hostilities on their soil. They wants an early, amicable and durable peace in their motherland. At the moment when the tension is aggravating with each passing day in South Asia due to Indo-Pak hostilities, the US led allies needs to further expedite its efforts for return of peace, end to every sort of hostilities and strengthening of political and democratic process in war devastated Afghanistan. Since as long, some of the regional and neighbouring countries especially Pakistan, Iran and the Russian Federation were doubtful about US intentions but now almost of these countries along with China, Saudi Arab, UAE and India also wants an early resolution to Afghanistan conflict. Now resolution of long standing conflict is on a distance and US needs to exploit it as soon as possible. Instead of fuelling tension in Afghanistan through one or the other ways, regional and neighboring countries needs to take steps for making the war stricken Afghanistan as a peaceful part of the world, which is also in its own interests.

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