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Editorial: Drop bomb on poppy fields

Last year, the US forces have dropped the mother of all bombs on the Islamic State (IS), which is widely known as Daesh extremist group with sole aim of perishing the militants, but why so far the US did not drop bombs on the poppy fields to wipe out the largest source of opium. The US must go for poppy lands and bomb them. Civilians, and farmers live must be protected during anti-poppy bombing. The Afghan and US forces have to come up to the fore and launch a comprehensive operation against poppy, which has been jeopardizing the future generations of the country. There is no denying to the fact that decades of war have changed Afghanistan into world poppy-growing champ. All other giants have destroyed and infrastructures have been reduced to rubble as result of prolong war that still no end sees in sight. Nothing was left for Afghan masses to be hopeful about, but after 2001, hopes refurbished in all areas. But unfortunately, by passing each day, insecurity has been grown, and fight against poppy cultivation has lead to nowhere. A new survey shows poor law enforcement, political instability, corruption and insecurity last year allowed poppy cultivation to be grown on a record level, growing illicit economy and further destabilizing the country. The survey that conducted by the Ministry of Counternarcotics and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, had showed opium production and trafficking in Afghanistan generated $6.6 billion last year, with part of the money going to the Taliban insurgents to keep their war machine moving high. According to a report, poppy cultivation has increased by 63 percent and opium production increased by 78 percent comparing to last year. Unfortunately, now women are also playing an increasing role in the drug trade. Last year, the Counter Narcotics Justice Center received 741 cases of drug smuggling, that 28 of them were women that leading smuggling groups. It was said that women were the victims of drug trafficking besides the war, but now they are doing business of drug by their choice. However, it is also a fact that women are misused in multiple ways, one of it is drug trafficking. They are forced for doing this. Anyways, since poppy cultivation reached a record-high, becoming a vital source of funding for terrorist groups, the Afghan and US forces have to bomb all the fields with poppy. It is also the main driver of multiple challenges for Afghanistan—by demolishing this, all other issues would be resolved.

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