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Editorial: Early convening of Loya Jirga

Whatever might be claims and justification of US and Unity Government of Afghanistan regarding its failure in going ahead with maintaining of unity and solidarity amongst the countrymen on issues like terror and foreign incursion, but it needs a thorough discussion and debate in Loya Jirga like institutions.

In particular on completion of 2014 Presidential elections, Unity government has assured of convening a session of traditional Loya Jirga for addressing deficiencies and anomalies in election procedure and other relevant laws. Similarly the US had already committed of helping the Afghans in convening a session of the Grand assembly (Loya Jirga), which is the sole institution of going for amendment in the constitution and guiding the Afghans at crucial stages.

No one can deny the fact that Afghanistan and its people are not only passing through worst crises in history, but even at a very critical juncture. On one hand, they are ahead with increasingly violent acts and on the other they are feeling threats to the very sovereignty and solidarity of Afghanistan due to hostile attitude on the part of regional and neighbouring countries.

Earlier a few persons were doubtful about intentions of US, albeit now majority of Afghans believe that US authorities are not sincere in their claims and promises. Not only common people but even leaders, leading politicians, intellectuals and technocrats are uncertain about future of the motherland.

All those countrymen returned to the motherland after establishment of a centralized authority and adopting of a Constitution with consensus. But now majority of them either returned to their foreign stations and the remaining are in a wait to follow the earlier. Foreign countries that made tremendous contribution in reconstruction and restructuring of war devastated institutions and living infrastructures also seem unhappy.

It is the time for the Unity government and United States as well to read on the walls as majority of the Afghans are now desirous for an early session of the Loya Jirga. It is the time that genuine representatives should be given a chance to debate the existing situation and future threats to sovereignty and solidarity of the motherland. Since a long whenever Afghanistan had ahead with crises and threats, all these issues and threats were averted through Loya Jirga. Without wasting further time it is the time for Loya Jirga like institutions to help in averting of threats as well giving a line to the newly parliamentarians who are going to get occupation of berths in Wolesi Jirga.

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