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Editorial: Easier said than done

The government is doing a lot, but yet you aren’t happy. Peace doors had and have been open for you, but yet you aren’t happy. High Peace Council calls on you to join peace, but yet you aren’t happy. Afghans are welcoming you to civil life, but yet you aren’t happy. Bluntly speaking, the Taliban on Tuesday started their spring offensive code-named ‘Operation Omari’, a move that was not expected by Afghans. We are looking for peace and they remain persistent in war. Taliban vowed to launch attacks across the country to take areas controlled by Afghan and foreign forces. One thing which is very interesting in the statement is that “it is hoped that the foreign enemy will be demoralized and forced to evict our nation.” Astonishing, they called Afghans as “our nation”. They are not at that position to call Afghans their nation, because they impose war to them. They broke the backbone of this nation by killing their nearest and dearest ones in several inhumane attacks. The nation denies Taliban for their brutalities and what the group is saying is just like an easier said than done. Nobody kills his own nation, but Taliban do. There are plenty of evidences indicating that Taliban receive orders from abroad to destroy Afghanistan. Taliban did not even nod for Afghan-owned peace and reconciliation process for the sake of what they claim their nation. It is very funny when someone claims “our nation”, but does nothing for their welfare. The facts always speak for themselves, the former Taliban commander, Faridoon Hanafi who recently joined the peace process, said that Pakistan is mobilizing and equipping the Taliban and the group takes order from Islamabad. They are too far from claiming “our nation”. It has been for years that Taliban kill and wound civilians. According to the UN, the number of civilian casualties in Afghanistan was in highest record in 2015. The UN documented 11,002 civilian casualties in 2015. Civilians are the most victims of the war and Taliban kill them in almost every attack. They even didn’t show mercy to women and children. Targeting mosques, blazing schools, planting landmines in public areas that frequently end up with killing and wounding Afghan masses, could not justify Taliban by any law. Moreover, Taliban last month threatened the media. Media reflects truths and that’s why Taliban are afraid of being unmasked for the nation. It is also a fact that civilians were the most victims of the Taliban attacks. Nevertheless, Afghans are confident and don’t give much attention to Taliban’s spring offensive as Afghan National Security and Defense Forces are at full swing to defend the country and giving them tit-for-tat response as usual.

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