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Editorial: Education is key to success

Indeed, plenty of improvement has been seen at the school—the teaching methods have developed and equipped with more learning materials. Boy and girl have equal access to education as girl’s education has often been highlighted as a success story by the Afghan government and the donor countries. Millions more girls are in school today than were in school under Taliban rule. It is not the stop point; our President Ashraf Ghani said improving education system will be his top priority. He pledged $200 million for construction of 6,000 school buildings within two years. He revealed that still half of schools have no buildings, 3.5 million children deprived of education, and at least 1,000 schools have been closed thus far. This is really soreness to see still we have so many children out of schools. Mainly this is because of ongoing war and poverty. Despite showering of billions of dollars in the past 16 years, poverty has yet to be demolished—some gets richer while poor people deeply sink into poverty with no end sees in sight. The same thing happed on security, with thousands of foreign forces beside Afghan security forces, no major breakthrough achieved in war on terror, reversely the insurgent outfits intensified their wars, and with emerged of Daesh extremist group, security situation further deteriorated. These two nuisances is core reason behind dropping out students from schools. We are in a country where general literacy rate is the lowest in the world—estimated around 35 to 40 percent. But one thing is similar with other countries—the drop off and pick up their kids—others perform this without worrying about bombs to go off, but, we the Afghan masses have this anxiety at highest level. In Afghanistan the routine of getting children to and from school is fraught with danger. The recent multiple deadly attacks in Kabul have further restricted the freedom of many children. Anyways, in the wake of so many problems, the word of give up has no place in dictionary of Afghans. Such attacks or obstacles would never stop the Afghan children from pursing education. We go to schools every day, knowing the fact that only by educated people there would be a fundamental change in our society. It would not be exaggeration to say that education is key to success. It gives knowledge of the world around us, while opening doors to brilliant carrier opportunities.

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