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Editorial: Education will prevail

Whatever their names or titles, they are capable of carrying complex attacks in Afghanistan to kill our innocent people. They have redoubled its barbarism to reach one goal—weakening Afghanistan to such a stage to have zero scholars, or educated young generation. Their core intention is to indiscriminately kill Afghans no matter in mosques, markets, wedding halls, hospitals, funerals or even in education facilities, like Kabul University in which dozens of students, boys and girls, were killed and wounded. 10 days ago, the terrorist killed 24 students with over hundreds other were wounded in a suicide attack in front of their education facility in western part of Kabul. People behind such terrorist attacks must be brought to justice. But serious failure of our intelligence and our acting security officials who spent much of their time in campaigning to be voted by the parliament, have caused to ignore the possibility of such high-profile attacks on the major academic institution. Terrorists and the sworn enemies of Afghanistan will never stop extremist ideologies of devastation. Now it also becomes conscious that they never stop from appalling crimes against students who are the bright future of this country. Some of our best students have gone forever. Some others are in critical condition fighting for their lives in the hospital. Surely, no religion across the world can justify attack on home of knowledge, if so; justify Monday’s terrorist attack on Kabul University from a religious perspective. Stop terrorizing our students as pursuing education is an obligation on all Muslims, male and female. Islam insists on learning knowledge. Attacks on educational centers are coward war crime. Violence has entered its new era – books, pens and the students are no longer safe. The attack shows the utmost cruelty—a violent behavior and murder that history has not experienced. The international community, especially the U.S. must not remain silent about this cruelty if they believe in humanity. Only condemnation is not enough. Notably, top security officials must wake up and turn all available stone in protection of public places. Security sector must not let the enemies destroy, kill, and ruin every piece of hope in this country, a reality of the past 40 years – and in case of security failure it could be the reality of many years to come. Nevertheless, despite all hardship, and frequent attacks on the education facilities, education will prevail as a fact to gain and build a better future for ourselves.

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