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Editorial: Eid with violence

Unfortunately like of previous years of around four decades, the war stricken countrymen have again celebrated Eid-ul Fiter amidst violent acts and fears of further deadly terrorist attacks. Violent acts from over the country reported and so far exact details of casualties, losses to properties, economy and other sectors are being retrieved. However, in certain pockets of border regions, the security forces also made some advancements by targeting hideouts and sanctuaries of militants. Reports from across the Durand Line reveal that a number of Pakistanis were killed during military actions. These youths from certain parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have been sent by militant groups, operating with whole hearted financial, logistic and political support of some religious groups. One of these youths, whom dead body shifted from Afghanistan to a village in Buner District was a student (Talib) in a seminary at Chakwal, Punjab. This young boy was not first or last but since long students of this seminary situated at Chakwal Punjab are shouldering their likeminded fellows in deadly terrorist and violent attacks against innocent civilians in Afghanistan. The Chakwal seminary is not the only one as similar institutions in different parts of the neighbouring country are countless whereas its administrators, Mohtamims, teachers and scholars are still instigating the innocent students to go across the line in Afghanistan for killing innocent people on the sacred name of Islam. Islam doesn’t allow killing of innocent people at any way. But unluckily certain so-called religious circles in neighbouring countries at behest of spy agencies are engaged in issuance of Jihad edicts (Fatwa’s) not only in Afghanistan but also against peace and democracy loving political leaders including the religious scholars and spiritual figures. Now when like rest of the Muslim Ummah, war stricken people of Afghanistan have celebrated Eid-ul Fitre with prays and hopes for peace and tranquility in the motherland. Common people from the neighbouring country are the eyewitnesses to bloodshed and destruction from the last four decades. These people have witnessed and still witnessing plight of innocent Afghans. They need to help these neighbours in materializing of their long standing dream of peace and an end to violence and hostilities in Afghanistan. On the eve of Eid-ul Fitre, several Afghan politicians and influential figures including highly religious scholars and intellectuals have pleaded for ceasefire before the Taliban Political Office Doha Qatar delegates in the second round of intra-Afghan dialogues at Moscow. But Taliban leadership have refused to honor this request. Now when the Afghans suffered a lot, Taliban political office and individual commanders engaged in deadly war needs to realize their Islamic obligations to shun violence and stop spreading innocent bloods. War brings nothing but devastation to all warring parties.

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