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Editorial: Electronic ID cards distribution kicks off

President Ashraf Ghani, Vice President Sarwar Danesh and other senior government officials as well as heads of parliament’s houses received electronic ID cards on Thursday, an attempt to start the long-waited and controversial process of the national identification cards that was stuck due to view point differences.

The national interests as the first and main priority is considered and respected in every society based on which, the people in different countries try to recognize the details of major and minor issues of their homelands.

In Afghanistan as a multi ethnic where people live under the shadow of a single flag and obey the same constitution and other civil laws, each ethnicity, each language, each area, each tribe and each religion is seen equal and enjoy the same rights and responsibilities.

At present time, the most things we need are unity and national solidarity. Our motherland is under dangers and threat from different sides and the foreign enemies are seeking to make wide rifts among the always united Pashtoons, Hazaras, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Shiites and Sunnis. Through dividing us, our enemies will weaken us and finally dominate us and our free and independent country.

Our forefathers had defeated and thrown out the enemies when they attacked directly or indirectly attacked our land. These defeats have not been forgotten and the sworn enemies want to enter through any possible ways to take revenge of their past defeats and fulfill the aims and desires of their predecessors by dominating us.

Just by a single united voice and action, we will neutralize the enemies’ plans and schemes and can maintain our national sovereignty and territorial integrity that our fathers left for us.

We need to not think of valueless issues that only waste the important time and energy of the people.

The beginning of the electronic identification card distribution is a good and positive step toward solving several problems most of them security issues. We hope the process will not be postponed as it repeatedly was in the past and it will go ahead good as it is a national program and includes the nation.

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