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Editorial: End e-NICs discrepancy

The commencement of the electronic National Identity Cards (e-NICs) is absolutely aimed at unifying the country—this is the intention only and doing the opposite would be in the great interest of the enemies who always making effort to divide us by one way or another. Definitely, the magnitude of e-taskira’s felt mostly after having a fraud-plagued election, in which President Ashraf Ghani right after assuming office has promised to produce a new identity document that would unite the country and make it almost impossible to steal or falsify votes at the polls. The Chief Executive, Abdullah Abdullah is at the same page as well because both “President and CEO) were the victim of fraudulent election at highest level. Indeed the e-NIC is in the very best interest of Afghanistan and a great slap in the face of enemies. But its issuance has been triggered with endless suspicion, conspiracy theories and shouting matches over a very simple decision to included “Afghan”—something we proud of. Those people are living in Afghanistan are Afghans first—and second they belongs to difference tribes such as Tajik, Pahstoon, Uzbek, Hazara, and other ethnic groups. We, the Afghan masses want this electoral ID card in a bid to safeguard our vote from deception. But why the launch of the e-NIC roll-out process by President Ashraf Ghani has been opposed by some high-ranking officials. It is concerning to see differences between unity government leaders over the card. In a press briefing recently, Abdullah opposed to participate in distribution of electronic ID cards, terming it an illegitimate process that has no backing from Afghan masses. Some lawmakers also opposed this. Totally respect their opinion and concerns in regard. But it is also a fact that this trend would negatively impact the country’s overall situation which is already in flimsy. Everyone has the right to express their views, and share opinion with the government leaders, but, however, anyone who directly trying to create division among brave Afghan masses, is not acceptable. All the views are valuable, therefore the leaders must gather under one umbrella to end the current disagreement with reaching a rational conclusion. Our leaders have to exercise extreme caution to deal with this indecision to stop it from becoming a high-tech proxy which is enough to drive us toward another area of interethnic savagery and chaos that has been highly orchestrating by foreigners. President Ghani, and CEO Abdullah have always been very active in resolving complicated issues through lens of unity—surely this time they will also adopt a constructive measure to end this predicament very peacefully by gaining satisfaction of Afghans from across the country.


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