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Editorial: Enemy tries to silence voice of freedom

Wednesday’s twin terrorist attacks that targeted only civilians in Dasht-e-Barchi neighborhood of Kabul city meant nothing but to show how savage the terrorist groups are who look for helpless people in the poor areas and target those who just want to live and work in freedom and happiness just as human being.

This is not the first time that the Daesh terrorist group targets a specific ethnic and religious community in Afghanistan, particularly in the capital city of Kabul. The most recent barbaric attack the terrorist group carried out before the latest one was against the Mawoud private educational center in which, more than 50 teenage students were martyred and dozens more injured.

The people of Afghanistan both Shiites and Sunnis are facing a common threat posed by a common enemy whose goal is to create mistrust and finally ethnic and religious war among the followers of the two major Islamic sects, and finally dominate the country and bring it again under their control to threaten other states in the region.

The terrorist groups and their masters in the region and other countries should have realized that such cowardly conspiracies do not work in Afghanistan. They tried to practice this plot once in the 1990s through the civil war, but people nullified the plots by maintain unity.

Unfortunately, our government and statesmen seem to be not so serious in thwarting the enemies’ destructive plans. The government is responsible of providing stability, maintaining national unity and avoiding the nation from separation and mistrust.

There are many chances for the government to use in brining sustainable peace. What are the US and other NATO-member countries here for? Why did Afghanistan sign the security pacts with the US and NATO? Sure, they were done to keep foreigners’ help in saving Afghanistan from the decades-long crisis.

The foreign countries who have military presence here, should recognize that Afghans do not want them be here unless they are useful for the situation of the country. The government needs to hold serious talks to the leaders of the Western countries in helping for stability, otherwise, it should ask them to leave Afghanistan. Why should we have foreigners in our home under the pretext of assistance, and we still tolerate terrorist attacks?

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