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Editorial: Erroneous path

Indeed, there must be an end to the 40th years of war in Afghanistan that exhausted us all. Many Afghans born in the war, many die, and the new generation is getting grow in the war. This bad phenomenon must come to an end and the peace has to be given a chance. Since the talks with US-Taliban called dead by President Trump, it doesn’t mean to stop efforts for achieving it. Peace is the legal and fundamental rights of the Afghan. Not one but a thousand chances must be given to accomplish it. The reason behind collapse of the talks was a result of a journey in the erroneous path. The US must give more and more chance and restart talks with Taliban as peace is the only solution to end US’s 18-year war. But this time, the Afghans should be part of the talks in any process in order to be succeeded. Exclusion of the Afghan leaders was not a good idea. Afghans are ready for resumption of talks as war give them nothing but to further spread bloods of their loved ones. In the past four days across Afghanistan, over 90 Afghan civilians were killed and over hundreds other wounded. In one day 30 civilians were killed in Nangarhar’s airstrike, while in Zabul, Taliban-claimed bombing near a hospital killed at least 20 people. Death tolls feared. This is the price of war. No Afghans welcome it, but those who see their interest in bloodshed. This has to be stopped. No more room left for the Afghans to see their dearest and nearest one to be killed for undone sin. The children and women have also bearing the brunt of this brutality. Afghan Foreign Ministry said that peace negotiations likely to be restarted between the US and Taliban. This is a good omen and the Afghans welcome it. Any sign of efforts for resumption of peace talks to ultimately lead to a ceasefire is an absolute astonishing. Colombia is a clear example for Afghans to not slowdown their peace efforts. They made many attempts getting the communist rebels into peace negotiation, and finally succeeded. Taliban also be ashamed of attacking those areas where civilians are the only victim. It is need of the hour that Afghan government and the Taliban negotiating members enter to an intra-Afghan talks honestly by disconnecting from foreign backers, respect our constitution and announce a serious ceasefire. Taliban must stop violence for reaching peace and the Afghan government must take national consequences about peace. This ugly war must be ended by any ways and means—but in a rational way where Afghan sovereignty need to be protected.

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