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Editorial: Every action has reaction

It is very fact that there is no way to park the recent crossing firings of Pakistani forces into Afghanistan, rather to give it tight response aimed at showing we are ready to kill and die for defending our country. This time we did not blame Pakistan for firing rockets but reacted with same set-up and have done level best to clean up air from their rockets. Kunar Police Chief, said that Afghan security forces successfully destroyed several key Pakistani check points after retaliating against the bombardment of missile fired by Pakistani forces in Kunar province in the eastern regions of Afghanistan in the past week. Based on report, Pakistani forces fired over 1,000 missiles in the province, resulting in civilian casualties. Bombarding six district of the province caused five civilians to be killed or wounded. This shelling is not something new as in the past several similar actions adopted by Pakistani forces by firing rockets to Afghanistan. Often Afghan forces tried best to tell Pakistani forces to stop firing, but not ended with good result over and over again. We are not weak at all, but believe in peaceful methods. For instance, Kunar police chief, Juma Gul Hemat said that massive destruction on bases of Pakistani military forces inflicted after Afghan forces fired artilleries to their bases, this could be taken has a great and visible pattern how strong we are. However, war is not good at all. Deeper to stuck on war, the deeper you get in backwardness. Today if we compare Afghanistan and Pakistan to other countries in the region, one can easily get idea of how much we are weak in form of economy and civilian services just because of war. They are very much strong in military as well, but never used it as tool to get leverage, understanding the fact that military mean is not solution at all rather turning situation more complicated. Since the beginning, Afghan government not only believed but reacted as a peaceful lover state—which is in true scene, in every area, even calling on Taliban insurgents to join and reintegrate into civil society by embracing peace and reconciliation process. We want all militant outfits to join peace process and live a life with dignity. Nevertheless, Pakistan—our sworn enemy, always reacted very violently in all approaches with Afghanistan, but this time Afghanistan learned Pakistan a lesson that every action has reaction. Our brave forces fired rockets against Pakistani forces to prevent further civilian casualties. 221 of our countrymen have already been forced to evacuate their homes as a result of these attacks by Pakistani military forces. However, it is worth appreciation that our forces showed strong reaction against these missile firings, especially at a time when the ministry of defense informed of a delegation sent to Pakistan to raise the issue to resolve the problem.

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