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Editorial : Every problem has a solution

Every problem has a solution. Afghanistan is no exclusion. Problems are many. But, solutions are there. See as a nation to these problems. As a nation, we must act collectively. It is imperative to address existing challenges. The country desperately needs this. Afghanistan has been in war for more than three decades. Infrastructure was reduced to rubbles. We shall not turn blind to this fact. We have to learn from it. It will keep our spirits high. The ruined buildings shall guide us to the right direction. We can see our identity in these bombed shops and homes. Afghans laid their lives for this identity. Yet, we are far from reality. We are not ready to rolled up sleeves and fight the challenges.

What we need in this regard is to have courage to find a solution to the outstanding problems. To do so, we have to put aside all our differences at any and every level. The power of citizens is formidable, if used appropriately, this power makes us invincible. Although, efforts had never been slowed down as Afghan government and people are making their last-ditch efforts to rebuild their country. But most important, what is the need of the hour is that we as a united nation must build a mindset that every problem has a solution. And our problem also has a solution, if we see it through open eyes.

When it comes to the destruction of Afghanistan, none can deny the role of some countries in disguise of friends. They did not let us to develop. They are still fueling insecurity in our land. They want to see us broken, but it would not be fair to blame them for our failures. There might be some weakness among us that failed to stop their interferences. But still there is room to sort out problems. Every nation makes mistakes but wiser of them are those who are on the mend. Opportunity would not knock doors twice. At several fronts we have proved as a nation with towering patriotism. But, we had some difference at some points. For instance, when Kunduz City was collapsed to the Taliban, a young boy was showed by TV channels supporting militants. Why such thing should happen to a nation? The young boy is also one of us. We know better that Taliban are hell-bent on killing Afghans, and their brutality is like open book to us all. We must stand beside our security forces against the savages. Our brothers and sisters in uniform are rendering great scarifies for us to live safely. The insurgents have killed large number of Afghan civilians and those in uniforms.

The time is ripe to give a wakeup call to the heads of all political parties to make indefatigable efforts for strengthening the national unity. The National Unity Government (NUG) and the Afghan masses must stand beside each other with a great passion of patriotism, aimed at making our country a safer and more dignified place to live for us and our offspring.

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