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Editorial: Exhilarating peace

Death has made home in the country because of a few fanatics who see amusement in bloodshed of innocent people. Those who are killed in their heinous acts share the same blood because they are also sons of this soil. However, the lunatics are making them scapegoats for interests of foreigners who have controlled over these extremists and facilitate them in their travel. Their foreign masters now only provide them with legal travel and stay documents but also with bags full of cash, training and intelligence information to destroy the country which yet to recover from the past over three decades of war.

Unfortunately, most of us are materialist and don’t look at the history as guide. Foreign interference has been outcome of our greed. The history is full of stories that how black sheep joined hands with the enemies to topple the governments or sell the country. These vultures have breed on the ruins of the country where they opened eyes and played. That’s why the Afghan leaders have not only lost huge swath of lands to the British Empire but also failed to claim it on international forums. The Durand Line agreement has expired but fate of the line is still unclear. Every Afghan leader agreed that the line was drawn on the chest of Afghans. However, they failed to erase it because most used it as a slogan for support to get elected and some faced resistance from the black sheep.

Now the situation has turned an ugly turn, the line is not only dividing Afghans but also creating misunderstandings between the people who live on both sides of the Durand Line. Many will argue that the time has never been ripe to take such sensitive issues at the international forums. They are wrong. Neither it is a new issue, nor was Afghanistan at such a weak position as it is now. Then and now the problem is the same—satiating greed at the cost of national interests. To agree on sensitive of the issue, the biggest challenge that the policymakers are facing is improving relations with the brothers who are living on other side of the line. We cannot blame all for misdeeds of all.

Peace is the greatest desire of all Afghans. Our brothers living in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa desire the same. Therefore, the Afghan government should direct the foreign ministry to open peace and cultural centers in major cities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to improve people to people relations and discourage extremism at the grassroots level. It will not only benefit Afghanistan but Pakistan also. Such centers will pave ground for improved relations between the two countries and help in the fight against extremism and terrorism. Ending support for militants at local level is crucial for Afghan peace process. There are some groups who are promoting hatred against Afghanistan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Afghan authorities shall deal with this serious issue on the war footing. Some of our actions are also responsible for this but the opportunities are looking for every available opportunity to exploit sentiments of the uneducated people there who have no knowledge of the ground realities.

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