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Editorial: Expediting peace efforts

In the wake of US Special Envoy Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad proposal, Afghanistan President Ashrf Ghani has announced a new body comprising almost top politicians, religious figures and high ranking dignitaries. Suchsteps on the part of Afghan government confirm its enthusiasm and curiosity for return of peace and stability in war devastated motherland. Voice for peace isnot of an individual but is the voice of whole nation, therefore, it attractingattentions of world countries. In recent days, Khalilzad made frequentshuttle-cock visits to the region whereas he remain for three days in Islamabadand has held results-oriented talks with high ranking Pakistani authoritiesincluding Prime Minister Imran Khan, Army Chief Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa, ForeignMinister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and others. It is premature to say somethingabout outcomes of such an important trip to Islamabad but two days ago ForeignMinister Shah Mahmood Qureshi announced visiting Kabul on December 15. Thisvisit could be in continuation of Qureshi’s previous trip to Kabul in August.But it could be different as after previous visit, certain developmentsregistered regarding Afghan/Pak relations and US stance on war strickenAfghanistan. Besides bringing Taliban leaders to table talks, the US PresidentDonald Trump has also addressed a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan,requesting for Pakistan contribution in the reconciliation efforts. Pakistan asgood will gesture also made certain leading Taliban leaders includingco-founder of Tehrik Taliban Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar. Similarly, the US alsomade certain other decisions including putting Pakistan on its list of thosecountries whereas human rights are insecure. According to US documents, nonMuslim minorities are lacking safety and security especially in performing oftheir religious obligations. This decision of US was followed by suspension ofalready approved loan/grant by the World Bank to Pakistan, thus making furtherhardships and complications for its leadership. From last several yearsPakistan is also providing sanctuaries to terrorists involved in violent actsinside Afghanistan and now its Premier Imran wants to address all suchcomplaints and allegations. Its country’s Foreign Minister Qureshi is likely todeliver some good messages to Afghan people who are desirous for peace andnormalcy in their motherland. It is the high time for Pakistan, considered as akey stake holder in Afghan conflict to help sincerely in the reconciliationprocess in Afghanistan, which might be in interests of both the neighboringcountries. Afghanistan and Pakistan due to prolong turmoil and unrest are aheadwith similar socio-economic, social, political and law and order problems andits leaders must initiate joint steps for overcoming all such identical issues.

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