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Editorial: Extremism never daunts our plans

Despite impulsions and compulsions of the unruly Taliban and the wicked Daesh and their obdurate sponsors, under any circumstances will Afghanistan’s grand plans relegate. Afghanistan is staging a landmark election campaign and the plans to stage the grand democratic transfer of power will never falter with these trifling occurrences. Meanwhile, the Taliban hooligans are staging ruthless acts of terror by targeting Afghan civilians. This week, a suicide bomber blew himself up near a voter registration center southern Kabul, killing at least 70.

The suicide attack took place a few days after Afghanistan officially began a countrywide registration campaign ahead of parliamentary and district council vote. The Taliban and their extremist affiliates and delinquents should know that they cannot malign Afghanistan’s grand plans and their brutality and vicious actions will unleash agony and melancholy upon themselves. This is an evident demonstration that the foes of Afghanistan despite their phony façade, want to overshadow the upcoming elections.

Afghanistan’s intelligence agency is now robust and dynamic, prospering to subvert reckless imposition of intelligence threat by our enemies. Digging deep in the roots of terrorist attacks, there is a prominent generalization that several anti-Afghanistan actors including neighboring countries are using all means to derail the political environment especially the ongoing electoral process, by hook or by crook. The recent brutal attacks are a fraction of their nefarious designs to threaten the Afghan nation.

Enemies of Afghans who oppose stability and development in Afghanistan would use last-ditch efforts to deter us. However, no matter how malignant and fierce the intimidations and provocations by the foes of Afghanistan are, Afghans are determined to hold elections. Thus, Afghans should respond to the enemies of Afghanistan with a magnificent all-out participation in the upcoming vote, as it is vital to safeguard our national interests and to end foreign interference. It would indeed be a fatal blow to the forces that are responsible for decades of bloodshed in the country. The opportunity to make history is in the hands of the people.

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