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Editorial: Failed cleanliness drives

ARGReports of the most governmental and non-governmental organizations speak about deteriorating law and order condition, rampant corruption, unprecedented violence against women and illiteracy. These are the key problems, but these all issues are the byproducts of mismanagement about which we see no or a few reports. If reports about maladministration were realized then people will know about the gray areas that the government kept secret for years. Mismanagement is the root cause of all our problems and better management is the solution. The government cannot address the outstanding challenges without improving administration. Reforms are necessary for better management. Reforms update the system and mechanisms to function properly and keep pace with the modern world in the race for transition and development.

Unfortunately, our authorities do not respond to positive criticism in positive way. It hurts their ego and sparks their anger. No matter how harsh it is, but the truth is that officials are not doing well. The strategies formulated by the public policymakers are not yielding the desired results. Actually, they spend enormous amount of time and resources on these fruitless policies. There will be no change unless the high-ranking officials digest this reality and focus on better management. Improving the work mechanism and plugging the loopholes in the policies are the only and easy solution to resolve the existing and potential problems.

The failed cleanliness drives launched by the Kabul Municipality is a good epitome to guess in which direction the other state institutions are heading. Despite the cleanliness campaigns, launched in the capital city, mounds of garbage are piled up in every part of the city. A drive through the city road is a disgusting experience. The Kabul River is filled with garbage, plastic bottles and boxes. Drug addicts live on the river banks. The river was once a favorite of writers and poets. However, it has lost its colors. The criticism ultimately forced the Kabul Municipality’s cleaning department to decide about privatization of the services in order to keep the city clean. Many appreciated the decision, but the core issue still remains unaddressed. The time and money that a private company will spend to keep the city clean should have been spent by the municipality. The decision about privatization indicates incapability of the bureaucrats to deal with the problems. If this is the case, which is, the government should improve the management services.

Through overhauled bureaucracy the authorities can minimize security threats and establish writ of the government. Well-calculated and comprehensive economic policies would enable the government to tap the potential. Therefore, the government shall go for overhauling of the organizations.

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