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Editorial: Failed quests

Afghan insurgents, backed by foreign terrorists and sponsors, are trying best to add tactical achievements to their portfolio by the end of this year. December is closing month for the militants though they would launch random attacks when the winter as its peak. Through large-scale attacks to overrun districts, they are trying to show to the international community that the Afghan government is weak and walking on double edge sword. Recent attacks in Kandahar and other parts of the country is a demonstration of power by the militants. The message they want to send across the globe is clear. They want to prove themselves as formidable force in the country—standing on the winning side.

However, they had achieved nothing but destroyed only civilian infrastructure and killed innocent people. The number of civilian casualties this year is higher. The professional Afghan security forces have proved their mettle on the battlefield. The security forces have only defeated the anti-state elements in the battle but also inflicted heavy casualties that shook the militant leadership sitting outside the country.  The militant groups failed to hold control over major cities or highways despite getting uninterrupted intelligence and financial support from certain regional countries. The hour is dark but the dawn is near as the intensity of the terror attacks in the country show.

As of today, Afghan security forces have broken backbone of the insurgents in Arghistan district of southern Kandahar province. The insurgents planned to capture the district and add another start to the profile. However, these scores of militants failed to achieve their nefarious designs. They were defeated and pushed back. The insurgents, hoping to gain victory, have suffered heavy casualties. The provincial government confirmed the attack and defeat of the warmongers. Kandahar is no more their stronghold. But it is hard for them to accept this pinching reality. Their morale is all times low as the Afghan men in uniform are outshining them.

Similarly, in the outskirts of Tirin Kot, capital city of Uruzgan province, the insurgents are running towards their sanctuaries to save their skins. In early September this year, the militants launched a coordinated attack and tried to capture the provincial capital which is 170km far from Kandahar City. Kandahar borders Uruzgan province. Thus, the anti-state elements tried their ill-luck to capture the strategic areas. But, they received a bitter lesson. They were dreaming of the old past.

Situation has changed since last year. The militants can carry hundreds of attacks but the success rate will always remain zero. Extremism and terrorism has no place in Afghan society. Afghans do not want to see their country falling into the pit of violence once again.

Insurgents should keep feel pulse of the nation. They would not that violence would not help them to achieve their objectives that prevented the country from development and prosperity. The only option that would help them is to join the peace process and renounce violence.

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