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Editorial: Faulty elections have pitfalls consequences

There is very serious concern among Afghan masses, and political parties over a ragging elections as a result of faulty system, setting to be held on October this year — which will have dangerous pitfalls by paving ground once again for interference of some elements within the country, and of course to outsiders. Their concern is very much rational as the forthcoming elections could be inundated with rigging as many counterfeited Tazkiras and voting sticker have already been distributed. A vote with such faulty pre-election campaign will have chaotic consequences and cast shadow on legitimacy of elections. Some politicians by smelling a rat in number of registered voters, had termed over nine million voters as a mere propaganda, in which according to them less than four million have so far registered. Some politicians by pointing out to their political party’s immense role in elections warned that nobody can negate them. The same issue raised by some of lawmakers saying holding of any kind of elections without taking into account the political parties suggestions amid electoral reforms, would be a desolation that could have dangerous pitfalls. The core demand of political parties is to transfer from Single-Non-Transferable Votes (SNTV) to Multi-Dimensional Representation (MDR). But Independent Election Commission said that nobody has the right to sling accusations against the election commission and such claims as fraud in voter registration should be corroborated with substantiated evidence. No stickers have been sold in the market and those who accuse the IEC of illicitly selling stickers are obligated to substantiate their claims with concrete proof, IEC said. It is difficult to kick-start judgment, but the voice of fraud in election process is much more influential as majority of politicians talking of it. Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan on Saturday said that government is meddling in working process of IEC. This could be further deepening election crisis. One thing is for must that Afghan masses are willing to cast vote for their favorite candidates. In the past, they practiced voting in millions despite being threatened. Some fingers of voters had been chopped off, but still they voted. So there is high intention among public to practically practice the key pillar of democracy to elect their leader. However, its’ the government’s responsibility to explore all avenues to conducted free, fair, and transparent elections. If biometric system is only option to address fraud, that should be applied in first place. If other methods that can help run election out of frauds, must be functionalize. We want a transparent election, and to provide that ground is the obligation of the government and relevant authorities.

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