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Editorial: Fear is Omnipresent

It’s not furthermore required to call a new wave of violence that has reached its highest-level but we are scrambling with the ruthless and unprecedented violent behaviors that continue to take high toll on the Afghans for many months now. The unparalleled hostility and growing of stick bombs, targeted-killings, assassinations of religious and civil society activities plus government employees, have left Kabul residents with a constant sense of fear. Fear has now become a way of life. Nowhere is safe at the moment. IED’s attached to the vehicle have become a routine practice and a great weapon for the militants to easily get the target. They have been in this process since many months, and they are successful so far. It’s distressed to start the day with a blast and end with it. It’s too frequent that now the journalists and civil society workers prefer to take taxis or use public transportation to reach office, or other workplaces. Some already left the country. We can’t even feel safe when we are in our own car. Walking to streets is now a big risk. Utterly there is no safe place. The Kabul residents are hammering out between life and death. Fear is omnipresent. Living in Kabul is getting hard and harder. Fear is now part of daily life in Kabul with possibility of saddens death from a stick bomb, targeted-killings, or…. Only on Wednesday morning, Kabul was rocked with three back-to-back blasts. At least two people were killed and five other wounded in these explosions. Prior to that, four employees of the ministry of rural rehabilitation and development were killed in an attack by unidentified gunmen again in Kabul city, looming how insecurity has been roofing the city with much indication of security failures. This is a systematic massacre and the world must not wait to watch more deaths. There is an urgent need for security assessments to restore Kabul security. Since there is no claim of responsibility, it makes it difficult to blame any side, but there are elements doing this. These vicious circles must not so simply escape, and get clean-check. They must be found and brought to the book. The government and international community have directly blamed the Taliban for the current wave of assassinations in Kabul. Though, Taliban deny it, but it’s not so simple. They need to prove it wrong because it would straightforwardly help find the real perpetrators if the Taliban are true to their claim – unless, they are the culprits.

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