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Editorial: Fear of civil war

Hope at somehow faded away for a stable pullout of US troops from Afghanistan as the US-centered peace talks failed to bear any result. As negotiations to secure peace with the Taliban drag on, Washington already ignored the previously agreed deadline to extricate US troops by May 1, even US President Joe Biden’s intelligence officials warned of Taliban takeover Afghanistan in some years if they abandon Afghanistan before any enduring framework for peace. Regardless of which political route Mr. Biden will adopt, unfortunately violence likely will increase after May 1. The group already warned of bad consequences. Putting a glance at the ongoing peace talks, it’s still a distant dream to reach any political compromise and the situation is very much distributed. During the talks started last year, dozens of Afghans, including women and children, have died of fatal violence while Kabul-Taliban negotiating members spending luxury time in the hotels of Doha. Taliban are also visiting some capitals, enjoying great protocol.  At least 13 people lost their lives and 25 more were wounded in just two days of continued violence. Videos circulating on social media shows women and children were among 20 civilians killed in operation in Sabri district in Khost province. On Monday, a car bombing claimed the lives of two people. Despite the call for reduction of violence, Taliban shows no desire rather intensified war around the country. Taking the states-quo into account, the Taliban seemingly looking for a military victory once foreign troops went out of Afghanistan – a deliberate attempt for another civil war because the Afghans will definitely oppose their return and will stand in arms against them.  If the US and regional countries ignore the threat and the current peace efforts fail, dangerous and complex civil war is on the horizon. Hopefully, no country in the region and the US itself, would willing for another civil war to erupt in Afghanistan after spending billions of dollars and losing troops in the last 20 years. This is the hope that renewed push to prevent any negative outcomes and keep pushing the situation back into a place where there is no fear of civil war would be top priority of the international community. It’s better for all sides to understand the fact that there is no military solution and it’s very important to accelerate diplomatic efforts to reach some kind of political settlement and put a full stop to the war.

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