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Editorial: Feigned contempt

The political impasse stemming from disputed Afghan vote, has frustrated the Afghan masses, US administration and the foreign donors with stinging message to cut aids in Afghanistan, which is a lifeline for the fragile economy. US already withheld one billion dollars and withholds another one billion if Afghan feuding leaders, President Ashraf Ghani and self-proclaimed president Abdullah Abdullah, failed to reach a compromise. Trump’s administration see the political stalemate as a great risk to the hasty peace deal hammered out with Taliban in 29th February in Doha. Political settlement between Kabul government and Taliban group was myopic focus of President Trump before the coronavirus pandemic. But still, his top foreign official had supported formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan. US foreign official during meeting told Ghani and Abdullah to have a deal with Taliban. Mr. Pompeo had delivered his boss stinging message to the Afghan leaders, and fled to Doha and held talks with Mullah Baradar, top Taliban negotiator. Mr. Pompeo seemed reluctant to resolve rifts ignited between Ghani-Abdullah that spilled the country in a shocking hazardous, which is also not in the interest of the peace process, where Trump pinned high hope to win Nobel Peace Prize. The cutting message is that Trump is no more interested in Kabul administration due to ongoing political hullabaloos. This could also well-sink Kabul administration and it’s prospective of a dignified peace process into deep jeopardize. Political dispute is a lucrative business for Taliban and a good chance for the belligerent, isolationist, troglodytic group to further come in deal with the US. Internal rifts do no good, but for the Taliban group. Both, Ghani and Abdullah calming the right to lead Afghanistan and even held separate, simultaneous inaugurations in Kabul on March 9th. Unwise act in the modern history, where no other country has ever came across of such circumstance—highlighting the need for an urgent agreement. Afghanistan has been engulfed in a turmoil of uncertainty and its peace process is in shreds. To secure Afghanistan from another dark area, it is the responsibility of the Afghan leaders to come up to the fore with a comprehensive plan not only to get rid of internal disputes, but also to fight coronaviurs pandemic in the most best way—and enter in the talks with Taliban from a united position.

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