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Editorial: Fencing amidst talks

Whenever peace efforts getting momentum, Pakistan’s military circles are highlighting what they called achievements pertained to fencing of controversial Durand Line. On the day of Afghanistan, China and Pakistan tripartite talks at Kabul, Pakistan armed forces through its mouthpiece Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) made public details pertained to fencing of Durand Line. According to details over 800 out of more than 1200 kilometers of Durand Line was fenced and the remaining could be completed by end of coming year. Similarly along with fencing, Pakistan is also constructing military forts, check posts and checkpoints along Durand Line throughout the region. And it confirmed completion of more than 50 percent of such military installations. Pakistan is justifying this one sided act by claiming “fencing aimed at curtailing cross points movement of militants.” But the ground reality is different as cross point movement especially entrance of militants involved in terror and violent acts in Afghanistan is going on without any break. However, fencing forcibly terminated relations amongst millions of Pakhtoons living along with the Durand Line in both the neighbouring countries. On the other hand, the US brokered peace efforts intensifying day by day. The US Special Envoy Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad is landing in Dubai United Arab Emirates whereas he is going for second round of face to face talks with Taliban Qatar Political Office. Taliban delegation to be headed by Maulvi Abbass Stanakzai reached in Dubai from Islamabad where he and his fellows have discussed in depth prospects of a peace agreement with the US. Taliban have already refused to talk with the Afghan government, instead jubilating talks with US delegates. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan during a speech to ceremony at Peshawar accredited him for convincing Taliban to talk with the US. But ironic both US and Pakistan didn’t insisting on direct talks between Afghan government and Taliban which is the sole way for an amicable and durable resolution to long standing conflict. In according to US Special envoy advice Afghanistan President has already announced high power peace and reconciliation body comprises almost leading religious and Jihadi politicians and representatives. But in case of striking a deal, its endorsement from Afghans could be a hard task. Taliban are already demanding a safe zone within regions, which might be beginning of Afghanistan’s disintegration. Absolute majority of Afghans irrespective of their lingual, religious, communal and faiths divisions would not allow disintegration of their motherland, which they have demonstrated since the previous British colonial regime. Instead of giving chances for continuing divisions and hostilities in Afghanistan, the US peace broker must keep in mind its impacts. In future these groups and divisions could easily be fuelled by no other than all those who are involved for interference in internal affairs of Afghanistan. Like of British colonial rulers who have inherited the controversial Durand Line, now the US is going for repeating the same blunder. It is the time for all stake holders to first ensure a solution, which guarantee sovereignty and solidarity of Afghanistan which was before of British colonial’s landing in Sub Continent.

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