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Editorial: Fighting polio

Polio is a wild virus, to fight it there is a dire need of two drops of anti-polio vaccine. Children needed to be immunized against this virus to protect and ensure that they remained healthy. The parents and caregivers have to stay vigilant to ensure that children below the age of five were vaccinated against this crippling disease. One thing is very much clear that polio vaccines have no effect on the body, rather it prevent children from being life paralyze. To wipe this out, the polio fighters making all out efforts to reach every child, making sure no child is missed. This is very happy moment when see that all Afghans together are taking steps toward elimination of this disease. Recently, the ArtLordWorld team traveled to remote parts of the country such as Spin Boldak, Shindand, Farah, Ghor, Kunar, Badghis, and Paktia, to paint with communities and raise awareness about the two drops of vaccination under platform of ending polio in Afghanistan. Surely, it is a wonderful move. Such go out is very necessary as part of anti-polio campaign in which one day Afghanistan will be declared polio-free state. Our country is just one of three countries—including Nigeria and Pakistan—that still carries the crippling disease. Inaccessible areas and distrust are preventing global eradication. Another big step by UNICEF has taken as it twitted that 38,000+trained polio workers will go from house to house in their communities to vaccinate children in Afghanistan. Over 5.5 million children will be vaccinated this week across 24 provinces and some selected high risk district. Thank you for your support. But, there are some concerns as sometimes parents refuse to vaccinate their children. Those who refuse to vaccinate their children actually don’t understand what the vaccine is or how it is essential for protecting their children. Religious scholars in several occasions called on parents to let their children to be vaccinated. So it is not prohibited. However, there were some reports that Taliban insurgents and other militant outfits are hampering polio drive, but this would be a great injustice against children as polio has no cure in sight once affected. Fight against wild polio is not over yet in Afghanistan. Support and cooperation by everybody is need of the hour, including the Taliban and other militant outfits. All of us must come up to the force and put weight behind polio activities amide at ending polio. At the same a great salute and appreciation to overall commitment, dedication and courage of frontlines staffers who are couldn’t dither to vaccine children in militants controlled areas with sole aim of elimination of polio once and for all.

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