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Editorial: Figments of imagination

Pakistan, an intricate neighbor of Afghanistan, is widely known for its role in hiding terrorists and has been described as a safe haven for terrorists by western media and the United States Defense Secretary as well. The regional countries have accused Pakistan of involvement in terrorist activities in the region and beyond by supporting the terrorist groups. Pakistan has been portrayed as the world’s most active sponsor of terrorist groups despite several stern warnings from the international community. Daniel Byman, an author, has said that Pakistan is the most active sponsor of terrorism. Based on records, In July 2019, reigning Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on his official visit to the United States claimed the presence of 30000-40000 armed terrorists in the country. Previous governments were hiding this truth particularly from the US in the last 15 years, Khan said in that time. The US country Reports on Terrorism describes Pakistan as a terrorist safe haven where terrorists are able to organize, plan, raise funds, communicate, recruit, train, transit and operate in relative security because of inadequate governance capacity, political will, or both. This is what they said, while the government of Afghanistan all time has been very critical of Pakistan for its support to the militant groups. The Interior ministry said 152 Pakistani fighters were recently killed in the Helmand clash. 65 bodies of Taliban fighters were also transferred across the Durand Line. In an attempt to mislead or confuse the world, Pakistan in an unprecedented move said Afghanistan’s territory is being used to train terrorists targeting Pakistan. Afghanistan dismissed the allegations. It’s fabricated and figments of imagination. Afghanistan has already suffered much, and the ongoing war is being imposed on us. It would be foolish to even think that a country that has been ruined by terrorists is somehow favoring or letting terrorists to operate in its soil. As a major victim of terrorism, Afghanistan has remained committed to a policy of combating all forms of terrorism, without discrimination around the world. Kabul is eager to have a good relationship with Islamabad. Until Kabul and Islamabad are not united, war will continue and both the countries will remain underdeveloped and poor. Afghan peace chieftain, Abdullah Abdullah recalled his recent Pakistan visit positively with assurance from Pakistani authorities to change their policy toward Afghanistan and honestly help the country in its peace quest. Coming with such remarks to undermine the process aimed at creating further confession, was unexpected in this crucial time. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is going to visit Kabul this week for the first since he assumed office and the talks are expected to largely focus on the Afghan peace process. The Afghan government should take the issue with him besides others as its really anti-Afghanistan propaganda exercise and our leadership has to prove to him that such claims enjoy no credibility.

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